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A New Generation of Strategy Consulting

Interested in an innovative strategic thinking that fuses the best of Eastern and Western methodology? Want to be part of a brilliant team and realize a new generation of strategy consulting? Be part of a force of change that reshapes the entirety of China’s business landscape?

Here at Kmind, we work exclusively and directly with company founders and their c-suite management, and play a critical role in not just delivering a solution, but implementing it and collectively realizing growth with our clients.

Our unique results have already attracted the academic intrigue of world-renowned academic institutions such as Harvard University, Cambridge University and Tsinghua University; your project could be the next case academically showcased!

At Kmind, you will directly face the tough challenges companies face, but you will also be armed with a unique mindset and methodology. Interacting with top management will develop your analytical and communication skills, and develop into a leader that can deal with tough business challenges.

We believe in the immeasurable potential and value of every individual, and provide our talent with realistic business challenges to best further their career development. Since its inception, Kmind has pursued and upheld a vibrant and dynamic community, where creativity and innovation flourishes, and all ideas can be developed and expressed. Our vision is to reshape China’s business culture, and our mission is to guide over a hundred clients to achieve explosive growth within the next ten years. At Kmind, you will naturally share in the success forged by you, your team, and the client together.

As an innovative strategy consulting company, Kmind has created a competitive strategy system that combines Chinese wisdom and western strategy. For each and every last one of our clients, we work directly with the company founders and C-suite to create everlasting change and sustainable, rapid growth. In recent years, we have elevated dozens of companies, including industry leaders as Firmus, Bosideng and Yadea, achieve record over-ten-billion growth.

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