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Vault’s Verdict

New to our survey this year, ProcDNA is an interesting proposition for those seeking a role at the intersection of analytics, technology, and the life sciences. With a focus on delivering high-quality work and commitment to client success, the firm seems set for continued growth, something that would only further enhance the opportunities consultants have  to make rapid career growth and contribute to a diverse range of projects.

Insiders typically praise the firm’s culture and learning opportunities and note that early responsibility and a dynamic work environment are central to their positive satisfaction ratings—albeit with room for improvement in promoting a more flexible work culture and enhancing compensation packages. With all that in mind, ProcDNA seems to be a very solid option for consultants passionate about the pharma domain and eager to thrive in a fast-paced setting.


Employee Reviews

Firm Culture

  • "A company with rich healthcare expertise, deeply rooted collaborative culture, committed to the success of their clients."
  • "Close knit collaboration, deep expertise, providing practical and meaningful solutions to the clients."
  • "Early Client Interaction & trust towards junior members."
  • "Resolve to deliver high quality work and commitment to clients."
  • “Very adaptable. Primarily a consulting firm but also making their own products.
    Client satisfaction is key.”

Quality of Life

  • "Company has adopted the style of hybrid working with one day as work from home."
  • "During the client project it's difficult to maintain work life balance. Average working hours usually goes around 10 per day."
  • “Need to inform ahead of time, but willing to accommodate last second leaves. Sometimes have to work late, but food and travel home compensated. Work Monday to Friday but can take WFH, once a week. Office from 10:30am to 8 pm on average for me.”
  • "The best aspect is the singular push to ensure working hours are not crazy for an extended time. The issues lie in the expectation to translation of work where it’s hard to align on timelines as the expectations are not very clear due to the ambiguity of the project."
  • "We promote healthy work-life balance keeping client satisfaction in mind. However, there are some days where we may need to stretch our day depending upon the tasks at hand, but it doesn't feel that way since culture is quite vibrant and engaging."

Career Development

  • "Career development is really good as there are a lot of learning opportunities present. You get to work with people from different technical backgrounds."
  • "Diversity, international opportunities, work growth, client interactions, development in hands-on capabilities, opportunities in team management."
  • "One of the best aspects of this firm is the opportunity available for career as well as personal growth."
  • "Training program of our firm is pretty good. It’s fast paced and gives the opportunity to learn many things."
  • "When I joined the firm, I had less technical knowledge. Within 3 months I have gained proficiency in tools like Alignmix, Debiever (SQL), Excel, Python.”


  • "Best aspect is that they have joining bonus to support initial expenses and worst is the deduction in salary based on days."
  • "Best part is the fast-paced promotion depending upon the performance and associated salary hikes."
  • "Good performance bonus. Below industry standard pay. Salaries for some of the non-contributing employees is inflated."
  • "People at the same level of experience and work nature have different salary packages."

Community Engagement

  • “As for DE&I efforts there is no bias in gender and we also have POSH in our office for women's safety.”
  • "Every employee at our firm is given good opportunities to showcase their talents and help them grow."
  • "I have never witnessed any form of discrimination based on religion, gender, caste etc."
  • “Within a short span of time, firm has supported multiple women employees with their maternity. A very relaxed ‘welcome back’ plan was created for a female employee who was joining back after her maternity leave.”
  • "Yes, everyone has equal opportunities to grow and be successful at firm."

Business Outlook

  • "Business outlook is very positive and I'm sure we will double in numbers and revenue in coming year."
  • "Rapidly growing firm, not centric to few clients or even consulting. Making in-house products like Auxo, Auxo D2I."
  • “Strengths- Most of the employees come here from the pharma expertise which adds value in understanding the business requirements.”
  • "The firm is ahead of competitors."
  • "Very passionate, technology oriented and encouragement to innovative ideas are some of the best aspects."

Hiring Process

  • "I believe the communication is good about the call back process as the inform the candidate on the selection status."
  • “It is very fast-paced and responsive. They are available if a candidate has any questions. Even the leadership team and the hiring team try to make the candidate comfortable throughout the process.“
  • "The company looks for well-rounded profiles. Typical things that are considered at the senior levels are as follows: ability to lead large teams, ability to handle conflicting situations, ability to create and grow new practices independently, ability to lead client discussions, ability to do independent business development, quality delivery mindset, strong communication skills, experience with and willingness to do hands-on work."
  • “The firm looks for a smart candidate who's willing to learn and grow in a startup environment.
    The ideal candidate will have good analytical skills, attention to detail and a growth mindset.”
  • "The process is very quick and efficient. The interviewers have a clear vision on who they want to hire."

Interview Questions

  • “Actual data is given in the interview and key insights are asked.”
  • “Given data in tables, write code (SQL, python, pseudo) to determine certain details or figures.
    What QC checks can you run on data or what problems are there in the data.”
  • "The interview process is quite extensive. It's a five-step process. Starts with resume screening, group discussion, case study, case study discussion/interview, fit round (with the leadership + HR)."
  • "Unstructured questions are asked to assess the problem-solving of an individual. Solving healthcare consulting specific case study is also part of the selection process."
  • “Why do you think you're a good fit for our startup, and what unique contributions do you believe you can bring to our analytics team?”
ProcDNA Asia

400 Oyster Point Blvd
Suite 213
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Firm Stats

Founder and CEO, San Fransisco: Ashish Agrawal
Co-founder and Partner, Delhi, India: Harpreet Singh
Partners (San Francisco & Chicago): Michael Kurima & Roshan Alvares

Major Office Locations

Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
South San Francisco, CA
Delhi, India
Pune, India

Major Departments & Practices

  • Data Analytics and Data Science
  • Technology