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Vault’s Verdict

Happiness with life at Wipro seems to depend on the role that new hires are assigned upon joining the firm. Those who join and are given consulting projects to work on tend to be fairly satisfied with life at the company. However, as can be seen in the comments, it is not uncommon for new hires to come in and find that no consulting role exists for them—a situation that leads to a negative experience. As such, anyone considering a role at Wipro should take steps to seek assurance as to the exact nature of that role before signing on.

Beyond concerns about the role, Wipro remains one of the best-known names in the IT consulting realm and has a lot to offer its employees. All told, the culture at the firm seems to be geared towards allowing employees to be responsible for their own work-life balance, including permission to work remotely on a regular basis.

One almost universal complaint, however, is over salary progression. The majority of respondents to our survey expressed dissatisfaction with their compensation, with the root of the issue seeming to come from minimal wage growth during the first few years with the firm.

Firm Culture

  • “Come to learn and use your potential at one of the best platforms but be mindful if you stay for long you might be way behind your batch mates in terms of monetary benefits and designation.
    In some international locations, it is hard to feed your family with the given compensation.”
  • “Flexible work/life balance and job security only no perks and added bonus.”
  • “It is a great place to start your career as it gives excellent training and project opportunities which help in gaining experience and exposure. But the financial remuneration is on the lower side, which can be a sticking point in the long-term.”
  • “Lots of growth opportunities and independence to work.”
  • “Try to get it clear which areas you will be working and what is your expectations from the firm.”
  • “Wipro is the best place to start your career, you can learn and grow in this organization.”

Quality of Life

  • “Best aspect is the benefits given to the employees and the worst is the response time and behavior of help desk or service desk staff.”
  • “Firm allows you to take up as much as responsibility as you can deliver and flexible to own and deliver. This way, it’s purely work/life balance of consultant.”
  • “It is an extremely employee-friendly firm. It has a very human way of thinking. Sometimes processes are slow.”
  • “Mandatory attendance at the office even during bad weather conditions or even when someone is working late hours at the office during weekdays/weekends. Also no flexibility in working hours within the premises for 8 hours. Therefore, it is impossible to use Gym facilities, library facilities or even taking a stroll on the campus because of the existing policies. People feel stressed out and productivity is hampered. Also, work-life balance becomes negative.”
  • “The quality of life is project-sensitive. Some accounts are more accommodating than others, while others are less so. Broadly speaking, the work-life balance is better than average. The best aspect is that we are allowed to take one work from home each week, which helps with the work-life balance.
    The worst aspect is that we are expected to log in a minimum weekly on-floor average of 8.75 hours, irrespective of whether we have work or not.”
  • “Work timings are flexible provided work is completed and availability in times of urgency. Travelling is subjective to the kind of role and projects. Willingness to relocate or travel is gauged individually before a project is assigned.”
  • “Generally, we are encouraged to utilize our vacation time. Of course, if we are tagged in a project, it is helpful to inform our immediate supervisor about our planned vacation well in advance. Though I personally haven't faced any difficulties in this aspect, it depends on the manager assigned to you. So, it may vary from person to person.”

Career Development

  • “Company has very bad policies and work culture and are deteriorating more over time.”
  • “Consistency and slow steady growth are the best part of my current organisation.”
  • “Hired as a Business Analyst/Consultant. Training provided to campus hires then put into the role of testing which involves no work related to consulting even remotely. Asked for a different assignment, a solution provided—either take the role or leave the organization. Happened to multiple resources who joined after MBA. It is not a place to start a career as a consultant.”
  • “While evaluating employees' performance, every aspect is properly measured and discussed but while awarding promotion and increment this aspect is not checked properly. Incentive culture should be there for performing employees.”
  • “Promotion process is really an area which should be looked at. The cumbersome system setup also makes it more difficult for the organization to identify the top performers. The organization's internal mobility is also a challenging area.”
  • “The best aspect of my company is that it gives you international exposure to the various banks and financial institutions of the world which helps in knowledge enhancement. The initial training offered is also very extensive and enriching.
  • The worst aspect is that there is a lot of miscommunication between the practice head and project managers, leading to a lot of confusion and delays in project/account allocation.”


  • “The best part is that there are a lot of tax saving benefits and worst is that there will not be a hike in salary on a yearly basis.”
  • “Needs improvement in compensation.”
  • “No proper planning or method to provide a decent MSI. After completing 2 years at Wipro, I was given a meager hike of 3% on my overall salary which was like peanuts for the whole year.”
  • “Salary progression is very minuscule while there is no parity with the global organizations.
    Perks and allowances need to be as per the current trends i.e. global organizations etc. to minimize the tax burden of an employee.”
  • “The only time we get compensation adjustment is while joining. Later nothing happens for the next 5-8 years. Even Career progression adjustments are very meager or zero.”


  • “Confident that the leadership team will thrive, but the culture has to be improved.”
  • “Best: Acquiring a lot of digital skill companies, hiring new local talent to grow in new areas and cut costs for clients and ensure there are aligned to the US government policies
    Bad: There is a huge payout given for lateral hires which is something not good as the talent that is loyal is not been grown who actually have the knowledge on the organization.”
  • “Employee morale low due to low compensation, lack of adequate job opportunities at specific locations, not investing in adequate training.”
  • “We are foraying into the latest cutting edge technologies around the world and we have a wide scope in all areas of the business as we are not domain restricted firm. We are the leading company in IT services across the globe.”

Hiring Process

  • “Long and has been a big gap between the two/three stages of the interview cycle.”
  • "A lot of delay happens usually between multiple rounds of interview. Usually around a month's time is taken between each round.”
  • “The selected candidates were informed of their selection on the same day as the selection process. Though, the confirmation mail arrived after 5 months.“
  • “The ideal candidate that the firm is looking at is one who has excellent communication skills, is open to traveling/frequent relocation and can think outside the box. Having knowledge of foreign languages, apart from English, is also desired as the firm is looking to expand further into APAC, European and African regions.”

Interview Tips & Questions

  • “Both technical & non-technical covering the hard & soft skills; checking the attitude & can-do attitude.”
  • “Business issue driven questionnaire to candidate.”
  • “Technical questions related to the role that we are hiring. Soft skills (Attitude to learn and scale up, willing to go the extra mile).”
  • “Interview questions based on past experience and assessment on relativity to future needs of the firm.”
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