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Brian Zhang is Vault's Law Intern. He assists the team by writing and editing content on law school, legal careers, and the law industry. He is pursuing his J.D. at the University of California, Davis School of Law and received his B.S. from UCLA. Prior to joining Vault, he clerked at a law firm and interned with in-house counsel at a semiconductor company.

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What You Need to Know About the Patent Bar Exam

by Brian Zhang | February 09, 2021

If you’re pursuing a career in patent prosecution, you'll have to sit for the patent bar exam first. Learn more about the exam and how to prepare for it here.

Virtually Involved: Law School Extracurriculars During the Coronavirus Pandemic

by Brian Zhang | October 20, 2020

Law school extracurriculars changed after COVID-19, but it doesn't mean your social life and networking opportunities need to shut down.

What Is a Virtual Study Abroad Program?

by Brian Zhang | September 01, 2020

Virtual study abroad programs are rising in popularity in the wake of COVID-19—but what do they entail? We take a deep dive on what these programs offer.

Which Study Style is Best for Law School Classes?

by Brian Zhang | September 01, 2020

Law school is competitive—period. One key to success is making sure you find a study style that works best for you and how you learn. Here, we share some law school study tips based on the VARK modalities of learning.

Making the Most of Your Summer Given the Pandemic: 5 Tips for Law Students

by Brian Zhang | July 15, 2020

The virus has throw a wrench into many plans, but it doesn't mean 2020 is a total wash. Read on for helpful tips on making this summer work for you.