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FTI Consulting Internship
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FTI Consulting, Inc.

About FTI Consulting Internship

FTI Consulting offers internships for both undergraduate students as well as those pursuing an MBA. The internship program typically lasts for 10 weeks and is available in several of the firm’s departments, including forensic/litigation consulting, corporate finance & restructuring, technology consulting, economic consulting, health solutions consulting, and strategic communications. Internships can take place at many of the firm’s locations, depending on the department and specific project.

Interns can expect to be integrated into their project teams from the get-go, getting the hands-on experience they need to stand out in their future job searches. Interns will also be assigned mentors to guide and advocate for them during their internships. A variety of professional development programs are available for interns, from lectures to self-guided courses.

FTI Consulting Internship