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Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Internship

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About Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Internship

In order to maintain a thriving and varied pool of skills and talents, the Central Intelligence Agency, more commonly called the CIA, established several student programs to invite young minds to bring their own strengths and knowledge to the team.

There are several different programs for students of all levels, from undergraduate to graduate. The Fellowship Program is designed for students attending Minority Serving Institutions that want to dive into real intelligence issues and develop solutions through a number of possible roles including Analytic Methodologist, Leadership Analyst, Military Analyst, and more. Undergraduate students will complete two 90-day sessions, and graduate students will complete one 90 day tour before graduating.

The undergraduate internship program is offered year-round, and has interns working across several areas, gaining invaluable intelligence experience. Internships occur during the academic year, and students should apply a year before their desired start date.

These programs give students the chance to work within one of the most elite intelligence agencies in the world. The experience of getting to engage in real, professional work at this level while still pursuing a degree gives CIA interns a true level up in the pursuit of their careers.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Internship