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by Infosys | May 07, 2024


Sofia works in Infosys' Energy practice, and much of her job is connecting startup companies with Infosys' client network, fostering symbiotic relationships between organizations. Sofia talks in the below video about how innovation drives both the startups she works with and Infosys at large.


My name is Sofia Trojanowska. I work in Infosys, focusing on energy sales. And we are supporting EON in the energy transition in Germany and Europe throughout. During my Instep time, I was based in Berlin. COVID came, and everything was down. Nothing worked. But Infosys worked.  It was also the opportunity for me to still do the Infosys Instep program. And I got my assets delivered, I got on board very smoothly, very conveniently. After that, when I joined Infosys, I also went to Bangalore, and I was just wowed by the campus. It's a green garden full of tech and people working. Hence, fascinating.

I'm very fond of startups. I like the entrepreneurs behind the new ideas, the additional value that is created for humanity and for the society from startups. We have Infosys Innovation Network, and there we onboard different innovative startups. We basically then open the doors to our vast client network. We support innovation. We have very innovative projects, and we have been net zero since 2020 already. So, in the future, I would really like to work even more with innovation and startups.

I see many opportunities everywhere, by connecting people to Infosys to basically foster collaboration. Having those conversations or facilitating those is something that I aspire.