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Meet Sofia, from Infosys' Energy Practice

by Infosys | May 07, 2024

Sofia works with Infosys' Energy Practice in sales and collaborates closely with innovative startups in the space. Watch her video to hear about her experience.

Finding a Law Firm Energy & Climate Innovation Practice

by Elina Coss, Todd Glass, Peter Mostow, Scott Zimmermann, and Elise Zoli-Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati | December 11, 2023

In this sponsored post from Wilson Sonsini, hear from five attorneys about how they found the climate innovation practice they wanted to work in.

A Day in the Life: Analyst in a Quantitative Analytics Group (Energy)

by Laura Walker Chung | June 01, 2021

As an analyst in quantitative analytics, here is a typical day at my job.

A Day in the Life: Customer Service Supervisor, Electric/Gas Utility Company Branch Office

by Vault Careers | May 15, 2021

As a customer service supervisor, here is a typical day at my job.

A Day in the Life : Assistant Wind Developer for an Independent Power Company (Energy)

by Laura Walker Chung | May 01, 2021

As an assistant wind developer for an independent power company, here is a typical day at my job.

A Day in the Life: Nuclear Core Design Engineer

by Vault Careers | February 01, 2021

As a nuclear core design engineer, here is a typical day at my job.

How to Launch a Career in the Energy Industry

by Vault Careers | November 05, 2019

Looking for a rewarding industry to grow in? Look no further than the energy sector. Check out all of our energy industry resources to see if it's the right field for you and to set yourself up for success in this exciting field.

Jobs Needed in Alternative Energy—Now!

by Vault Careers | October 08, 2018

On the heels of the new UN report on climate change, here's a brief intro to the various alternative energy sectors, along with the jobs available within them.

Will Pulling out of the Paris Agreement Create Energy Jobs?

by Phil Stott | June 01, 2017

Pulling out of the Paris agreement won't create jobs in the energy sector