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by Kristina Rudic | October 12, 2016


With more than 2 million apps on the market, it can be difficult to decide what is necessary to download and what you can skip over. So we’ve got eight apps that can take you from the beginning steps of your job search all the way to the interview.  

Pocket Resume

For those always on the go, keeping all documents that you might need with you may be difficult. This app allows you to save documents in PDF format, such as resumes and cover letters, directly in your phone. From applying to jobs to attaching documents to emails, Pocket Resume simplifies everything for quick and efficient use.


Still in its beta form, this new app lets you hide all those embarrassing and inappropriate photos and tweets from prying employers’ eyes. The app connects to your personal Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and, using an internal algorithm, coupled with IBM Watson, it targets posts that may not get you that job, offering to take each inappropriate post down (with your approval). This saves the tiring process of scrolling through all of your personal social media accounts for incriminating content.

Business Card Reader

When networking, it can be difficult to remember whom you met and how, especially once you’ve started to collect a stack of business cards. To keep all your cards and contacts' information with you, Business Card Reader lets you save cards directly into the app. No more shuffling through your wallet or bookcase!


Now seen as a classic staple for anyone applying to a job, LinkedIn stores your work history, references, and projects in one place, making it a wonder for employers to look at to gain a sense of who the applicant may be. In addition, users can save companies they are interested in, apply to jobs directly within LinkedIn, and keep in touch with current and former colleagues.


Too often, some of the jobs you choose to apply to have been filled but not taken down from a website. This app removes this letdown by only showing up-to-date openings, while also allowing you to save jobs and return to them at a different time. Unlike other apps, LinkUp also lets you apply for jobs directly, saving you time and energy.

Job Compass

For those concerned with a commute or wishing to stay closer to home, Job Compass lets you see where each job is geographically located. By typing in the zip code of where you are thinking of looking, the app pulls up any openings in the area and general vicinity. A long commute can be a dealbreaker when accepting a job, so weeding out those jobs too far away in the beginning of a job search can save a lot of stress and time later.

Google Voice

Phone interviews are becoming more prevalent as distance between employer and employee widens thanks to technology. Instead of constantly checking your phone, Google Voice allows you to link all of your phone numbers together, so when an employer calls you, they are calling each phone line. With help like this, you won’t miss a phone call again.

What Color is Your Parachute?

From the best-selling author Richard Bolles, this app combines his strongest advice in prepping for a job. Named after the job-hunting guide that’s been leading the way for job seekers everywhere over the past 45 years, Bolles has condensed his advice for anyone cramming for an interview. Users can home in on what to expect, how to word certain answers, and much more.  

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