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Kristina Rudic

Kristina is Vault's associate law editor and reports on a variety of matters from technology to college advice. She received her BA in English with a focus in Creative Writing from the University of Iowa. Prior to joining the Vault team, Kristina has been a freelance writer in New York, covering food, local events, start-ups, and work out trends.

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Does Diversity Fuel Innovation?

by Kristina Rudic | November 07, 2017

Has diversity changed a company's ability to truly be innovative? According to a study done by Rocio Lorenzo and her colleagues, the answer is a resounding "yes."

Does Success Rely On Being a Good Leader? DVF Says “NO”

by Kristina Rudic | October 31, 2017

Fashion designer and lifestyle brand connoisseur Diane von Furstenberg believes that leadership in business isn't the defining characteristic for success. We've got the answer to her leadership advice in a recent video interview.

3 Steps to Shorten Any Email

by Kristina Rudic | October 23, 2017

It's easy for a longer email to get lost in any inbox. We've got the three ways to shorten any email so that information is conveyed more effectively and concisely.

How Storytelling Can Help Build Your Career

by Kristina Rudic | October 18, 2017

In Richard Branson's latest book, he details why storytelling is so important in any career, and how a good story doesn't just have to be a success story.

5 Career Tips from Arianna Huffington

by Kristina Rudic | September 27, 2017

Founder of The Huffington Post and founder and CEO of Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington has become an inspiration for entrepreneurs around the world. In a recent interview, she outlined the five key aspects of career success and how to apply them to your own life.

4 Details That Could Be Sabotaging Your Resume

by Kristina Rudic | September 19, 2017

It can be easily to bypass the little mistakes people make in resumes. However, we’ve got the four errors you could be making in your resume and why they might be costing you the job you're applying for.

How Boredom Could Lead to Your Best Idea

by Kristina Rudic | September 11, 2017

Boredom may seem like something we strive to avoid, but what if it was the key to unearthing our creativity? Journalist Manoush Zomodori pinpointed what was hindering our ability to be bored, and how we can fix this for the future.

The Out-of-Office Email You Should Be Using

by Kristina Rudic | August 30, 2017

While most people know that it’s imperative to plan ahead for a vacation, it’s the out-of-office email that gets put to the wayside until the very last moment. We've got the two templates to use for the perfect out-of-office email.

7 Things to Never Say In a Job Interview

by Kristina Rudic | August 23, 2017

While there are many things you should say in a job interview, it can be harder to focus on the things not to say. We’ve got the seven things to steer clear of mentioning if you really want that job.

How to Stay Sane When Working More than One Job

by Kristina Rudic | August 17, 2017

While getting a side job may be prompted by anything from wanting to explore a different industry to working at paying those student loans off quicker, juggling more than one job can be a tricky task. We've got the five ways to ensure all of your jobs lead to success—and sanity.