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Abbott's 'Shaping the Future of STEM Podcast' (Episode 6)

by Firsthand | December 16, 2021

Abbott’s Agnes Ortega and engineering intern Ixchelle Hernández Lebrón discuss navigating STEM careers amid a new culture.

Abbott's 'Shaping the Future of STEM Podcast' (Episode 5)

by Firsthand | November 23, 2021

Abbott Nutrition R&D expert Yen Ling Low tells intern Allison Huckins that women have limitless capacity to pursue STEM careers.

Abbott's 'Shaping the Future of STEM' Podcast (Episode 4)

by Firsthand | October 22, 2021

In this podcast, Lisa Earnhardt, the head of Abbott’s Medical Devices division, discusses finding your authentic self with intern Stephanie Slowik.

Abbott's 'Shaping the Future of STEM' Podcast (Episode 3)

by Vault Careers | September 23, 2021

In the third episode of Shaping the Future of STEM, intern Fiona Harley speaks with Zaina Bawa-Mamudu, a microbiologist for Abbott’s Structural Heart division.

Abbott's 'Shaping the Future of STEM' Podcast (Episode 2)

by Vault Careers | August 26, 2021

In the second episode of 'Shaping the Future of STEM,' Abbott intern Diya Iyer speaks with Abbott’s Chief Information Security Officer Betsy Wille.

Abbott's 'Shaping the Future of STEM' Podcast (Episode 1)

by Vault Careers | August 02, 2021

In this new podcast, Abbott neuroscientist Beth McQuiston talks with Abbott intern Jomi Babatunde-Omoya about how flexibility builds career success.

Best Practices for Recruiting and Attracting Top Internship Talent: A Discussion with Abbott and Northwestern Mutual

by Vault Careers | March 23, 2021

Join us on March 25th for a live discussion with industry-leading recruiters from Abbott and Northwestern Mutual to learn about new strategic recruiting initiatives.

Students Adapt, Succeed During Abbott’s Virtual Summer Internship

by Abbott | October 27, 2020

The Abbott summer internship program provides unique experiences that have students returning year after year. Learn more about what the program offers.

Your STEM Internship Is More Important Than Ever in a Post-Pandemic World

by Abbott | September 09, 2020

Summers have not gone as expected for students, and that makes STEM internships more not less important. STEM leaders are leading the fight against Covid-19.

Adulting 101: What Benefits Should You Expect From a Potential Employer?

by Abbott | November 05, 2019

Top employers in today's market offer a wide range of benefits to entice recent graduates. Here are five you'll want to look for during your job search.