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Now Is The Time To Update Your Resume

by Rebecca King-Newman | August 29, 2022

The legal job market is hot with rising salaries. Is it time to make a move? If the answer is yes, it is time to update and refresh your resume with these tips.

Navigating the In-House Attorney Interview

by Vault Law Editors | September 15, 2021

In-house interviews aren't entirely different from other types of legal interviews, but there are unique aspects of the process you should prepare for.

Using a Legal Secondment to Sharpen Your Skills and Advance Your Career

by Mike Gotham, Senior Director of Legal Talent, and Shelley Levine, Senior Attorney Recruiting Manager—Perkins Coie LLP | June 28, 2021

Secondments provide attorneys with experiences they usually cannot gain from working within a law firm. Learn more about the benefits—and how to land one—here.

Six Things Lawyers Should Know Before Going In-House

by Maxwell D. Rosenthal | December 21, 2015

Private firms and government jobs aren’t for everyone. Some law students are a much better fit in-house at a company. This is where you can focus on...