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Vault’s Verdict

H&CO is seeking hardworking, responsible fast learners to join its team. The firm is committed to investing in its staff’s development, offering many valuable training opportunities as well as strong mentoring opportunities. H&CO also goes to great lengths to ensure that its employees have a healthy work/life balance, and the firm’s collaborative culture gets rave reviews.

Compensation is generous, and benefits are competitive, though some insiders say there is room for improvement with respect to benefit offerings. As for the firm’s business outlook, it is very bright. The firm’s leadership team is strong, the firm cares about its employees, and the firm is on solid financial ground and growing.


Hiring Process

“The ideal candidate has to have the right attitude for learning and must move at the faster than normal pace we have in our department.”

“My hiring process was very pleasant. There were only two interviews, and the process wasn't stressful. I think the company seeks committed and responsible people who properly finish what they begin.”

“H&CO hiring process is great. Our staff are aligned when it comes to values and mission.”

Interview Questions

“Why H&CO? Why accounting? Any past experiences with difficult work situations? How did you overcome them? What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

“Tell me about your work experience. Where do you see yourself in five years? Why do you want to work with us?”

Career Development

“One aspect that differentiates us from other firms is that we don't hold people's progress back; if the professional is ready, we will give them the opportunity to take on more. We are committed to investing in our people’s development and are big believers that leadership and soft skills are essential for our team members’ development, especially as they continue progressing through their careers. Another important thing we always keep on top of mind is that each person’s needs are unique, so it is important that we leave room for tailoring some of the development opportunities to everyone’s needs.”

“H&CO provide employees access to an online platform with a wide range of materials (webinars, courses, etc.). The available tools and resources empower individuals to acquire new skills and stay updated with industry trends.”

“Our firm offers a tremendous number of resources for professional development. We offer a unique approach to public accounting that really allows employees to reach their full potential and rewards top performers.”

“My department is very good with visibility at the top and developing our skills to move up in our positions. Many trainings are held, and one-on-ones are also held with our managers/superiors. Mentorship is excellent. Technical skills have improved tremendously.”

Quality of Life

“One of our differentiators is the fact that we are committed to changing people’s perception about public accounting and the long working hours. We want and encourage people to have the appropriate work/life balance. We are also big on giving our team members the flexibility to work from home when they need it.”

“The audit department does a great job with this. We have a great culture and promote work/life balance. I do not feel pressured to hide any PTO or personal situations from them. We do work more hours during the busy season, which is normal for our industry. I wish we could do something to counter those hours during non-busy season.”

“H&CO employees receive plenty of resources and support. We have a great and healthy culture.”

“The firm provide excellent work/life balance.”

Salary and Benefits

“I have seen that we are getting better and better in this area, but I think there is still room to improve the benefit offering (such as increase medical coverage, offer HSA options, more floating holidays, etc.).

“The compensation is generous; I feel valued here. The bonus really makes up for the lower-than-normal base. The worst aspect I would say is the maternity leave and child benefits. I don’t have a family yet, but to add a family to the insurance is very expense, and the maternity leave policy is very poor (not enough leave time).”

“Salary is negotiable depending on experience, capacities, your results, and time with the company.”

Wellness Efforts

“The company encourages employees one or two times a year to do a little blood test to check cholesterol and other health indicators.”

“There are no wellness programs that I know of in the firm or my department.”

Diversity, Philanthropy, and Green Initiatives

“My team is mainly Latina women, so in that respect, we do not discriminate the hiring. We do not have any community involvement programs that I know of. I would like there to be more of these, and I think that would help our morale. I do not know if we have any LGBTQ+ people in our firm, but I don’t think they are discriminated against.”

Business Outlook

“I think our future outlook is great. We have amazing partners running our department; they care about their employees. I also believe our clients are very happy with our work, and we believe we will retain them and keep growing the department. The weakness is obviously the hours. If we could somehow compensate for the longer hours, we would be good.”

“I believe the company promotes and motivates employees to do better and better. The firm is growing, and it feels like you are working for a solid company.”



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CEO & President: Armando Hernandez
Chairman of the Board: Guillermo Andrade

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