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Vault’s Verdict

Loop Capital, well known for its strong commitment to diversity, is looking for confident, knowledgeable, self-directed, ambitious candidates who thrive in cooperative, diverse environments. The firm’s interns get hands-on experience and access to many networking opportunities. Intern training receives mixed reviews, with some believing it’s sufficient and others saying it could be more structured. In general, though, the internship does a good job of preparing interns for full-time positions. And for its full-time professionals, Loop Capital offers many development opportunities, including mentoring, extensive training, and access to senior professionals who want to see juniors succeed.

A healthy work/life balance can be achieved at Loop Capital, which offers hybrid work options and a family-like culture, and encourages employees to take vacation and unwind. Meanwhile, salaries and bonuses are competitive with peer firms. Benefits include 401(k) matching and profit-sharing.

Loop is an industry leader when it comes to diversity. D&I is a very important part of the firm’s culture, and Loop puts a lot of energy into diversity hiring. Numerous leaders of the firm are African-American or Asian, and its staff is incredibly diverse as well. As for Loop’s business outlook, it is very bright. The firm has been growing in recent years and now has the capabilities of a top boutique. In addition, the firm’s leadership team is very strong.

Hiring Process

“I believe our team is extremely responsive during the interview process and gets back to applicants relatively quickly. We are looking for young talent eager to learn. We believe so much in the experience of our team that we can teach the business and give opportunity to those who are typically overlooked.”

“Callback process was pretty swift. I believe the firm is seeking confident, knowledgeable, self-directed, ambitious candidates.”

“Looking for somebody who enjoys close, friendly, and a cooperative work culture, who thrives in a diverse environment and truly believes in Loop's values.”

Interview Questions

“What do you know about Loop Capital? What are the main methods of valuing a company? When and why would you choose one over another? What are the three financial statements and how do they interlink? Tell me about a time you worked on a team and a problem arose—what was your role and response in resolving the issue? Tell me about a recent M&A deal, and why or why not was this a good deal?”

Intern Experience

“Good teaching moments. Lots of interaction with employees. The best aspect was working with my team and doing hands-on work.”

“I was fully integrated into the firm, but the structured training was minimal. It was very much ‘learn on the job’ and ‘as you go.’”

“The Public Finance Conference was a great opportunity to meet other interns and to network with more experienced employees from all offices.”

“I completed a summer internship and received an offer to come back in the fall and I accepted. The summer internship was full of training sessions both in software and just knowledge of finance. We also had representatives of different divisions come speak to us so we could learn more about the firm. In general, I think that the summer internship prepared me very well to complete the tasks I get every day now.”

Career Development

“What's most important for me in regards of development, Loop has provided. Loop is a nimble firm, and my manager has allowed me to work on projects across our different business lines to gain greater experience. We have an extensive training program and will not hold bankers to their title—if you have the capabilities, you are given responsibilities.”

“Everybody is very approachable and willing to teach if you're willing to learn.”

“Our firm puts a lot of focus and effort into mentoring.”

“Not a bunch of structure around training, but really nice people who want to see you succeed.”

Quality of Life

“Loop encourages its employees to take vacation and unwind. Our HR sends updates on vacation time available and encourages the team to use our time. We have returned to the office three days a week, my children and I have gotten used to me dropping them off at school in the morning, and my team moved a few meetings to make sure I can continue doing so on a daily basis.”

“Loop Capital Markets’ quality of life is the best I've seen in a while. Great work/life balance, awesome work culture, and nice work setting (yes, I am in the office). I am extremely grateful for the flexibility.”

“It feels like family, which I know sounds like a cliché but at Loop it's actually true.”

“Hybrid work schedule with flexibility, and the culture of the firm is amazing. Everyone is very helpful and eager to work together.”

Salary and Benefits

“What I appreciate most is how often we are updated with what’s happening in the market around comp. The firm encourages open discussions around what we see other Wall Street banks doing around comp, bonus, and promotions.”

“Good benefits and deductibles. BlueCross medical coverage.”

“Salary is highly competitive.”

“We have 401(k) and equity opportunities, but they could be better.”

Wellness Efforts

“I was able to negotiate a corporate pricing deal with a gym close to our office, and Loop was grateful for the initiative.”

“We have an EAP program.”

“I am unaware of these opportunities.”

Diversity and ESG Initiatives

“I believe our team is comprised of the most diverse team on Wall Street I believe. Our CEO is an African-American male, our Head of HR is an African-American Female, our Head of Corporate Investment Banking is an African-American female, our Head of APAC is an Asian female, our Head of Short-Term Desk is an Asian female, our Head of Public Finance is an African-American male, etc. What's most important is not that the leaders are diverse but that their teams are extremely diverse—54 percent of the entire 300+ employees have diverse representation.”

“The most diverse company I ever worked at. Also, great diversity in the leadership! This year, they partnered with a program for young, high achieving first generation students called ATLAS Fellows, which provides scholarships and internship support and which I'm a member of. Starting this year, Loop will host some ATLAS Fellows for summer internships.”

“Our firm is top end in respect and support for diversity across the board. It's a really important part of our culture. While difficult to hire senior professionals with diverse backgrounds in our division, we put a lot of energy into promoting diversity through interns and hiring college grads as associates.”

“We are a very diverse organization, and Loop has a policy where they match dollar for dollar our charitable giving to community organizations that combat gun violence, community development, or educational development within black and brown communities.”

Business Outlook

“We have grown substantially over the past three years. We are continuing to add business lines to the platform to best serve our corporate clients but also build experience professionals at the firm. Everyone that works at Loop, loves the culture and how close the top executives are to day-to-day operations of the firm. We are now comfortable in saying that we have the capabilities of a top boutique firm on Wall Street.”

“We are led by true leaders, not executives who hide in offices and send down uninformed initiatives. We have people who are not afraid to enter the trenches to push the firm forward and who listen to rank-and-file employees’ inputs to develop business plans.”

“The outlook is cloudy, as it is for all participants in capital markets activities, but we are a growing firm, expanding our existing departments and investing in new departments.”

“Our CEO is a true leader. He walks the talk.”


Loop Capital Markets

111 W. Jackson Blvd.
Suite 1901
Chicago, IL 60604
Phone: (312) 913.4900

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Chairman & CEO: James Reynolds, Jr.
2023 Employees (All Locations): 267

Major Office Locations

Atlanta, GA
Boston, MA
Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI
Houston, TX
Indianapolis, IN
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL
Milwaukee, WI
New Orleans, LA
New York, NY
Oakland, CA
Philadelphia, PA
Ponte Verde Beach, FL
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Sausalito, CA

Major Departments & Practices

Investment Banking – Public Finance
Investment Banking – Corporate Finance, Fixed Income Sales and Trading, Global Equity Research, Sales and Trading, Transition Management, Analytical Services