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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2021): 5 total (3 2Ls; 2 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2021): 2

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

6-10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Sarah Gaudet
Director of Recruiting
(713) 600-4968

Our Survey Says

  • “Our summer program is unique because our summers actually get to take on substantive work, like they will do when they join the firm full time. Rather than writing a memo for a motion, they get to write [the motion]. Just like for junior associates, senior associates and partners step up to give the summers real hands-on opportunities. Like everything else here, it is about winning. When I joined a trial team during one summer, labels stopped mattering and I got to jump right in the trenches with everyone else. Overall, my experience as a summer has largely lined up with my expectations when I joined full time.” 
  • “Good summer program, a little unorganized but lots of freedom to go to lunches and dinners at your own desire.”
  • “AZA's summer program puts their summer associates directly into the action. As a summer, I was directly involved in hearing preparation, voir dire, dispositive motion briefing, and client meetings. The social aspect of the summer program is fruitful, with around six summer associates per year forming a solid cohort. Looking back, I think my summer experience here gave a good picture of what my life would be like as a litigator at AZA.”
  • “The karaoke party and mock hearing exercise.”
  • “Mock hearing and Turtle Races.”

The Firm Says

AZA summer associates can expect to get a substantial taste of what it is like to work with our team of trial lawyers. We strive to make this summer clerkship as close to a working lawyer experience as possible. Just as our new lawyers can expect a meaningful role in at least one trial in their first year with us, our summer associates can expect to witness at least one courtroom session or deposition. Summer associates work on real motions and briefs. They participate in mock arguments before former judges who will decide a winner. We want our summer associates to get real exposure to our legal work to see if our kind of trial-ready practice is one where you will excel. AZA seeks summer associates who know they want to be real trial lawyers, exhibit initiative and yearn for a jury trial within their first 12 months in practice.