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Ahmad, Zavitsanos & Mensing

AZA is a firm of lawyers who love to go to trial and love to win. The partners will get associates into the courtroom as soon as possible. Associates have been allowed to try cases on their own. And they have won.  The firm lawyers are quick-thinking, intense and they value courtroom preparation and client service. The firm has been awarded for great client service.

AZA hires from the national top law schools and brings in laterals who often aren't getting into court as much as they’d hoped at Big Law firms.  AZA is ranked by Vault among the nation’s top mid-sized law firms. AZA ranked overall sixth in the nation in the “best midsized firms to work for” category.  AZA was nationally third in satisfaction; fourth in quality of work; sixth in compensation; ninth in diversity, hours, and firm culture; 10th in selectivity of hires and 11th in career outlook. 

The Vault survey responses about AZA include: 

On quality of work – “There is nowhere to get more ownership or front-line experience than this firm.”

On firm culture – “There are virtually no firm politics at AZA. The culture is all about finding the most practical, cost-efficient way to deliver a win for the client. There are virtually never fights over ‘turf’ or who gets credit for a big win.”

On satisfaction – “Plenty of responsibility at all levels for high-stakes litigation.”

On associate/partner relations – “The mentality is that if you work the case up and know the case, you’ve earned the opportunity to do the fun things that made you be a lawyer.”

On lateral & clerk integration – “AZA just throws us in the mix, and we learn from experience. It’s the only way to really learn how to be a courtroom attorney in my opinion, and AZA nails it.”

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