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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 42 total (All 2Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 37 out of 38

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Cynthia Hasson
Director of Legal Recruiting

Our Survey Says

  • “The training sessions Cahill provided were very informative, and all the associates were always willing to answer any questions, and help in any way they could.”
  • “I was given very substantive assignments, and asked to share my opinions and findings in team meetings with partners. I felt free to ask anyone questions, regardless of seniority.”
  • “As a summer associate, I was assigned to a pro bono assignment for the Lincoln Center, where I led meetings with the client, and took the lead on preparing and submitting work product to the client. I was also assigned substantive and urgent research for an ongoing trial, and another pretrial litigation. Everyone was always available for a call for help.”
  • “People told me in the interview process that Cahill allows people to take on as much responsibility as they're ready for, and I found that to be completely true to the actual experience of the summer program. While my housemate at another firm spent six to eight hours a day on doc review every day of the summer, I got experience drafting client memos, and shadowing SEC interviews with clients, and more.”
  • “There were weekly events for summer associates with variations of junior associates, senior associates, and partners. It was great to get to know different individuals at the firm in smaller group settings.”
  • “We had a virtual summer, but we had weekly remote Zoom events, including boba [tea] making, cocktail making, pizza making, a mentalist performance, and other virtual socials, with both the summer class alone, and with everyone at the firm. They also flew us out toward the end of the program, and paid for our accommodation to do in-person meetings and happy hours with everyone.”
  • “We did virtual coffee chats, and the firm sent us snacks, which was great.”
  • “My experience as an associate has matched up with what I thought and, if anything, has been even better than expected. The people are all so great, and the work is really interesting; it’s hard work, but it’s rewarding, and there’s great people by your side the whole way through.”
  • “Everything that I was promised in the interview process lived up to the experience as a summer, and still now as a first year associate. I am working with the partners I want to work with (but have free range in the free market system to ask anyone else for work), in exactly the practice area I want to work in (but still try some other stuff on the side), and only a few months into work, I have a handful of friends and mentors that I am truly 'ride or die' for.”
  • “I am given a lot more control over my schedule and time management than I expected. The free market system means we can now reach out to any partner or associate for work, whereas in the summer, it was more of an assignment system. The dynamic is less social than the summer experience, but they have said those events will pick up again this summer.”
  • “My experience practicing full time met the impressions I was given as a summer associate. The Cahill staff is very friendly, and always willing to help answer any questions or explain new concepts.”
  • “Small lunches and dinners with partners and senior associates, where I feel like I really got a sense of who they are, and what's important to them.”
  • “I love the end of summer in-person happy hour, because it gave me the opportunity to meet my mentors, the other summer associates, and everyone else I had been working with remotely.”
  • “My favorite summer event was a pizza-making class. It was a great way for everyone to get to know each other outside of the office.”

The Firm Says

We seek to recruit a diverse summer class comprised of thoughtful, enthusiastic second-year law students from law schools across the United States, with strong communication and interpersonal skills. Our 10-week summer program is designed to provide a realistic and rewarding experience reflecting life as a first-year associate at the firm. Our summer associates enjoy the freedom to choose the work that interests them most. They are mentored by partners and associates, and are given opportunities to participate in a wide range of meaningful assignments, educational presentations, and social activities.