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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 41 total (35 2Ls; 61Ls; 1 SEO)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 40 out of 40

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Sarah Posner   
Head of Legal Recruiting—U.S.

Our Survey Says

Training & Assignments

  • “CC has dedicated assignment coordinators, as well as senior associates and counsel who provide assignments and check-ins to ensure that summer associates are getting work that aligns with their interests. Work is substantive, and I was handling work for real clients from my first assignment on.”
  • “I was given a chance to work on substantive assignments in different practice areas. I actually helped draft contracts and communicate with opposing counsel and clients. I also got a chance to work with people from the firm at all levels, even partners, which was a great experience.”
  • “The assignments were extremely substantive, and I was able to travel to work on a specific matter in Sweden twice during the summer. The assignments matched up well with what I handled as a first-year associate.”
  • “I was given substantive, and even client-facing, work straightaway, but never felt overwhelmed as there were plenty of people/resources made available to me to offer guidance.”

Social Opportunities

  • “The firm hosts a variety of social events and encourages summer associates to go to frequent lunches and coffees with associates. Summer classes are extremely close, and I have remained very close to my classmates, many of whom I consider close personal friends.”
  • “Everyone at the firm was very welcoming and excited to meet the summer associates. They asked to have lunch and hang out after work. Even though the majority of our summer program was on Zoom, the summer associates took every chance they could to meet up and set up hangouts.”
  • “Although our program was officially remote, the firm organized virtual and several in-person events for us, including a virtual painting class, a virtual magic show, a book club, a cocktail meet-and-greet, and a day-long outing to a resort in the area. I grew close with several other summer associates, who I am still friends with today.”
  • “Summer at Clifford Chance is the best. Everyone is incredibly welcoming, kind, and supportive. They take pride in their program and love connecting with summer associates.”

Associate Experience vs. Summer Expectations

  • “Obviously, the workload is heavier, but I can't say there were any surprises about that. I have been given a lot more substantive work than I thought I would be given at this stage of my career, and I've also been taking the lead in client interactions, which has been very rewarding.”
  • “Because my summer program was intentionally designed to mirror the first few months as an associate, I felt like my first few months at the firm were easier. I knew what to expect. I knew what skills partners and senior associates found important. I also love how our work allocation is similar to how it was in the summer. …”
  • “Working at Clifford Chance has certainly surpassed my expectations. If anything, I've been pleasantly surprised at how vocal associates are encouraged to be about the work they want to do/ career they wish to develop here.”


Favorite Summer Events

  • “A private magic show at the Nomad Hotel was a unique and immersive experience.”
    “My favorite summer event was the day outing to the nearby resort, with activities that included zip lining, horseback riding, clay pigeon shooting, wine tasting, and painting.”
  • “The photo competition was a lot of fun.”
  • “The farewell event was likely my favorite. It was amazing to witness so many people from the firm interacting in person. It really seemed like everyone genuinely liked each other, and everyone was so welcoming to the summers. It was a wonderful event.”

The Firm Says

Clifford Chance believes in giving our lawyers a high level of exposure and responsibility from the beginning, and this starts during the summer. Our summers are encouraged to work on a variety of assignments, gaining exposure to the full range of our practice areas. In addition to real work experience, our summer law clerks participate in formal training programs focused on legal writing, an all-day interactive "Hackathon" led by our Best Delivery team where our clerks compete to create a bot designed to solve or simplify a real firm problem, as well as a variety of outside speakers presenting on everything from how to thrive in BigLaw to topical DEI issues and events.  In order to provide exposure to our global network, provide all of our 2L law clerks the opportunity to spend time working in one of our international offices. Clifford Chance lawyers have diverse backgrounds but share a common bond—they enjoy working together, they never stop learning, and they are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service.