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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 24 total (16 2Ls; 8 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2023): 16 out of 16

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Our Survey Says

  • “The firm has a great Summer Associate mentorship program. Having those early connections with my mentors offered me a chance to dive headfirst into substantive tasks very quickly.”
  • “I handled patent prosecution matters, including preparing substantive office action responses, and interviewing patent office examiners. On the litigation side, I wrote memos summarizing legal research in support of post-trial motions.”
  • “We had about a week of training, along with training sessions periodically throughout the summer program. Training included legal writing and research, specific panels about IP litigation and prosecution, life and work at the firm, etc. I received substantive work from the get-go. I had a lot of projects related to research, including for a pro bono case!”
  • “I was given a number of substantive matters to work on relating to patent prosecution and litigation, where I was required to use my technical background, mixed in with more typically common research assignments. This created a good mix of work assignments that varied in complexity and time, which was perfect for me as a summer associate.”
  • “The firm did very well to gather folks together in person to the extent they could, particularly during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic (as I was a Summer Associate during the summer of 2020).”
  • “At least once a week, and often several times per week, the firm organized social events within the firm and outside of the firm. We had cooking and mixology classes, a fishing trip with some partners, went to a Nats game, had a Segway tour of the National Mall, and other events too. We also got to plan an individualized event with our partner and associate advisors.”
  • “Certain events were well-attended by partners, and junior associates made a concerted effort to check on summers, and give candid feedback about firm culture.”
  • “We were still in COVID guidelines, but the firm did a great job arranging virtual activities for the first half of our summer experience, and then in-person activities for the second half of our summer for those that felt comfortable. There was no pressure to participate in either, but it was a great move by the firm to try and accommodate everyone in the program.”
  • “I don't think the substantive work is different at all. Obviously, there is a big difference between having a billable goal as an associate versus not having one as a summer. But this is expected and normal.”
  • “I don't think I was given any false impressions or hopes. I think it would be hard to expect there to be a similar continuation of constant social events (though there are still plenty!), or that the amount or types of work would be the same. Associate life is a level up in many ways.”
  • “The firm was upfront and honest about creating my own career. I am able to specialize in any area I want, and develop a practice in industries I am interested in.”
  • “The summer has substantive work, but the main expectation is that you are a team player, and desire to learn. Returning as an associate, this is still the case, but expectations begin to increase as your tenure advances.”
  • “Our TopGolf event was loads of fun!”
  • “Attending baseball game in DC.”
  • “The firm hosted a cooking night (virtual) with a professional chef.”
  • “The rooftop reception at the Watergate Hotel.”

The Firm Says

Our Summer Associate Program is designed to expose law students to the field of intellectual property law and to provide an accurate idea of an associate's work at the firm. The 10-week summer program stresses professionalism, training, and professional development. Our summer associates have the opportunity to engage in a diverse mix of work, including: attending trials, appellate and motion hearings, depositions, and client meetings; researching and writing on various patent, trademark, copyright, procedural, and evidentiary issues; prosecuting patent and trademark applications; writing speeches and articles; working on pro bono matters; and presenting reviews of recent Federal Circuit decisions. Finnegan's summer program also offers regular social events and lunches so summer associates can network with each other and firm attorneys. Past summer events include:  Mentor/Mentee Summer Outing; Partner & Summer Associate Chesapeake Bay Fishing Trip; Paint Class; professional baseball games; The Nation’s Capital Segway Tour; The Watergate Hotel Cocktail Reception; brewery & winery tours; and a cooking class.