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Our Survey Says


With domestic offices in unique locations like Jacksonville, FL, Madison, WI, and Salt Lake City, UT, Foley & Lardner has a strong reputation as a preeminent worldwide law firm. Recruiters consider the usual criteria for new associates—grades, journal membership, etc.—and look at top schools that are geographically close to particular offices. Once at Foley, associates enjoy an inclusive, supportive environment in which people enjoy spending time with each other. Partners value associates and their work, seek their input on projects, and seem patient as associates learn the ropes. Lateral hires appreciate being assigned a transition coordinator to assist with the integration process. Foley offers decent formal training, and associates further learn from both partner and senior associate mentors. Associates face substantive work assignments, yet must also take on tasks “below their level” due to leanly- staffed teams. Tasks are dispensed fairly, though, based on past experience and ability. Associates have a sensible 1,950-hour billable -hour requirement and must log another 150 hours in investment time, which can include professional development, recruiting, business development, DEI initiatives, and more. While compensation was historically below the industry standard in larger markets, the firm recently announced a move to the Cravath scale. Firm technology is sufficient but lagging, and Foley could do a better job implementing meaningful wellness initiatives that attorneys would actually use. Pro bono work is encouraged, with 100 hours—and more with approval—attributable to the billable goal. Associates dislike that diversity-related activities do not count as billable, and success rates of diversity efforts vary by office. The firm does a good job facilitating opportunities for advancement to partner or counsel, as well as moves to other firms or in-house positions.

Foley & Lardner LLP

777 East Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: (414) 271-2400

Firm Stats

Chairman & CEO: Daljit Doogal
Managing Partner: Stanley S. Jaspan
National Recruiting Committee Chair: Robert A. Scher
Total No. Attorneys (2022):
1K - 1.5K
No. of Partners Named 2021:
Billable-Hour Requirement:
For the first three years following law school graduation, the firm expects associates to record a minimum of 1,900 billable hours. For all other associates and senior counsel, the minimum billable-hour expectation is 1,950. The firm expects all associates to record a minimum of 150 investment-time hours during the billable year.

Base Salary

1st year: $215,000

Employment Contact

Amy B. Moynihan
Director of Legal Recruiting
(312) 832-4318

No. of U.S. Offices: 22

No. of International Offices: 3

Major Office Locations

Austin, TX
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI
Houston, TX
Jacksonville, FL
Los Angeles, CA
Madison, WI
Miami, FL
Milwaukee, WI
New York, NY
Orlando, FL
Sacramento, CA
Salt Lake City, UT
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Silicon Valley, CA
Tallahassee, FL
Tampa, FL
Washington, DC
Mexico City

Major Departments

Business Law
Intellectual Property