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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 90 total (75 2Ls; 15 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 73 out of 74

Summer Associate Salary:

Varies by office

Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Jim D. Burns
Chief Talent Officer
(310) 586-6593

Our Survey Says

  • “The assignments as a summer were interesting and substantive, and prepared me for the types of cases I handle as a first-year associate. It was real work for real clients, and I even had some client interaction. They made me feel like part of the team.”
  • “The work provided during my time as a summer associate was substantive, and similar to the work I have done thus far as a law clerk/first year. The only difference is the volume of work I have on my plate now is much greater than what it was as a summer, but that is to be expected.”
  • “Excellent, valuable assignments and training given to summer associates. Felt like a valued member of the team and given a lot of responsibility.”
  • “The recruiting team/professional development team scheduled a number of programs for us to learn and become familiar with the firm's platforms/software programs as part of our onboarding. The recruiting team did a great job of assigning summer associates work with various departments/practice groups, and were very involved in making sure we had work to do, and work we wanted to do. We also had weekly check-in meetings with the shareholders in charge of the summer program to make sure we had the appropriate resources and help to complete our assignments.”
  • “The summer events were fun and well attended, which provided invaluable opportunities to meet and build relationships with many attorneys in the office across all practice groups. When I returned as a first year, it felt like coming ‘home’ to old friends.”
  • “A highlight of the summer associate program was the social aspect. Gatherings after work and a fulsome social events calendar provided ample opportunity to gain insight into the culture of the firm, as well as develop a camaraderie among fellow summer associates.”
  • “Multiple programs a week that allowed summer associates to interact with the other summers, attorneys, and staff of the firm. The programs allowed us to form valuable friendships, and have great camaraderie.”
  • “I had plenty of opportunities to interact with other summer associates and attorneys during various social events, including Boston duck boat tours, Red Sox games, and more.”
  • “I think the summer associate program was what I expected in terms of work assignments and structure, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the culture was less formal and more supportive than I had expected.”
  • “I did not realize I would need to search for billable work to do. As a summer associate, all of your assignments are dictated to you, and they are sure not to overload you with too many assignments, but now that I am an associate, I am handling considerably more assignments compared to when I was a summer associate, and for the first couple of months at the firm, I had to actively seek out assignments to get billable work.”
  • “As a summer, I was told that it may be hard for me to get restructuring work as a junior associate. However, I have been pleasantly surprised by the fact that since starting six months ago, I've only done restructuring work. I don't think that being a summer associate can truly prepare anyone for the life of a full-time junior associate, but the work I was given as a summer was substantive, and I was significantly busier than many of my friends at peer firms. Given that, I think comparatively, I was more prepared for the realities of being a junior associate than those who summered at other firms.”
  • “Did not get to choose my practice area, but have been pleasantly surprised by it.”
  • “We had an office-wide event at Smith & Wollensky, and it was a great way to see everyone in the Chicago office, and a great way to get a feel for the culture of the entire office.”
  • “Soccer game.”
  • “Weekly dinners with the summer associates and attorneys at excellent Miami restaurants.”
  • “Go-kart racing.”

The Firm Says

An important goal of the program is to help summer associates with the transition from law student to practicing lawyers and future leaders by including them on client matters. We look for attorneys who have an entrepreneurial spirit, initiative, willingness to assume responsibility, and leadership skills. Components of the program include: corporate deal simulation; exposure to innovative technology; conflict resolution training; litigation training, such as oral advocacy presentation; visit to appeals court and Q&A session with a judge; and firsthand exposure to in-house counsel and their interaction with law firms. We are proud that several firm leaders started their careers as a summer associate at the firm.