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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 64 total (36 2Ls; 28 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 32 out of 32

Summer Program Length:

9-10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Amy Hill
Manager of Entry-Level Recruiting

Our Survey Says

  • “Haynes Boone does an outstanding job of making their summer associates feel needed and comfortable, by providing plenty of substantive work, with routine, thorough feedback and evaluation. I know for a fact that I participated in much more substantive work than many of my peers in other clerkships.”
  • “I was integrated substantially into projects, and was an active participant in important brief writing, and in crafting substantive arguments. I was given plenty of resources and hands-on instruction on the process for my work, and I always had a resource when I had questions.”
  • “The summer program offered valuable real-world experience. As summer associates, we handled various day-to-day projects, as well as substantially larger and ongoing projects, as I now experience being a second-year associate. The summer program definitely offers a valuable sneak peek into what life as an actual associate will be, and provides the summer associate with a broad knowledge base to expand and grow from.”
  • “I was trained by a mentor and supervisor in my respective practice area. I was also trained by other associates at the firm in a series of panels, to educate me on the other practice areas at our firm. I worked on research projects and substantive assignments, for both associates and partners.”
  • “The social part of the summer program is top notch. It is the biggest factor in the program, as it is important in determining if summer associates can mesh well with the current attorneys.”
  • “We had a packed schedule of social events every week. There was a good mix of summer associate-only events, young associate events, and partner-level interactions. Some were just casual coffee chats, while others were more structured game or food nights.”
  • “The summer programs I attended at HB were some of the highlights of my life. I made two of my best friends during the summer program, and we text every day, and spend time together each week. The associates and partners were very good at attending the events as well, and I got to know them and their spouses on a personal level.”
  • “Even though we were online, Haynes and Boone made an incredible effort to facilitate social events, so that summers got acquainted not only with other summers from all over the country, but also partners and senior associates.”
  • “I think as a summer associate, you're appropriately shielded from the most stressful aspects of this job—handling clients, meeting challenging deadlines, and juggling multiple projects. I do think the projects I worked on as a summer reflect the type of projects I handle now as an associate—they were just far more manageable when you have several lawyers of cushion. Going from working remotely to working in an office, I was pleasantly surprised by how kind and willing to teach the partners are.”
  • “I've been pleasantly surprised with the amount of ownership you are given as a junior associate. I often interact with clients, and am invited to business development opportunities with our clients.”
  • “I've been pleasantly surprised with the mentoring, training, and opportunities I have received since starting as an associate. I don't think there were any disconnects between my expectations as a summer associate and my ultimate experiences at the firm.”
  • “The only real difference has been an increased responsibility and workload. Other than that, my summer associate life was pretty on par with what I am currently doing.”
  • “The best summer event is when the firm flies all summer associates to the Dallas office to meet with firm management, learn about the firm, integrate with other summer associates and attorneys, and attend events together.”
  • “The event planners here always do such an amazing job! A few of my favorites include: a cooking class, wine tastings, cocktail making class, and trivia night.”
  • “My favorite summer events were the all-associate party, which is held at an associate’s house, and the women's event.”
  • “We did a virtual murder mystery event, where everyone assumed different roles in the plot. It was fun/relaxing to do something more creative and lighthearted. We also did a cooking class; no one could keep up with the chef, and almost none of the summer associates actually finished with an edible meal, but it was so much fun, and a great bonding experience.”

The Firm Says

To sustain what we feel is a blend of culture and sophistication of practice that is unmatched in the market, Haynes Boone is looking for internally driven law students with a personality that would augment our firm’s commitment to teamwork and a long-term approach to the practice of law. 

Our summer associates spend nine to ten weeks (depending on office) with us working in one or more of our practice areas. Each summer associate is given a mentor and supervisor who assigns them work. They are also able to attend client meetings, negotiations, hearings, etc. Feedback is provided throughout the summer as well as through the mid-clerkship review. Our summer associates also enjoy several social events designed to get to know our attorneys.