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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 40 total (29 2Ls; 11 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 35 out of 35

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Heidi Leathers
Associate Director Entry Level Recruiting
(214) 871-4672 

Our Survey Says

  • “I had an excellent experience as a summer associate at HuntonAK. I always had substantive work, got involved in deals and trial work, got to work from start to finish (or at least in some cases), and experienced a plethora of practice areas. The work was all challenging, very involved, and substantive, and I felt like I was actually using what I learned in law school into practice. I also got involved in pro bono assignments, and I really enjoyed that they had a summer-long project that was meant to improve the firm.”
  • “I received substantive work assignments that were representative of the work I would be doing as a first-year associate. I was provided meaningful feedback on those assignments.”
  • “There were lots of training and development sessions, and the work opportunities were substantive.”
  • “There was much interaction with firm attorneys, and we had many social events to attend. The summer associate programming was very well thought out and enjoyable.”
  • “The social events are great. I felt like they gave us an opportunity to get to know the attorneys as well as our fellow summer associates. I have a pretty tight-knit cohort I came in with, and I think we get along so well in part because we got to know each other so well over the summers.”
  • “The social aspects of the summer associate program exceeded expectations for a program that took place during the uncertainty of the pandemic. The most valuable interactions with the attorneys and other summer associates came organically through collaborating on work assignments and informal conversations at the office.”
  • “My summer experience was fairly true to my associate experience in terms of the type of work I was told I'd be able to do and the workload expectations that were set during the summer.”
  • “My experience has lined up pretty well with what I expected and what I was led to believe. I was given the choice of a few practice areas, and I'm pretty happy I joined the group I did. I'm given substantive, complex work, trusted to do a good job, and given helpful feedback on assignments.”
  • “The impressions I was given as a summer have been, by and large, accurately reflected by my experience. Candidly, I cannot think of anything for which I was misinformed.”
  • “I’ve time and again loved my team, and didn’t have any false expectations about the folks I’ve worked with and the matters I’ve worked on. I do think that the compensation and promotion structure being black box was a bit misleading when you’re a summer associate, and the amount of work as well (conceding that it’s difficult to get a good sense as an associate).”
  • “Driving go-karts and a pickleball tournament were among my favorite events.”
  • “My favorite event was the most basic event, the Rooftop Happy Hour because our whole office participated and had a great time. I got to meet people from different practices, teams, and offices and had fun!”
  • “Diversity summer-long project where we were partnered with other summers and partners from the firm to collaborate and solve a problem. It was a great way to meet other summers and to meet partners across offices.”

The Firm Says

Our Summer Program is a 10-week immersion in the real-world practice of law. Summer associates are active members of legal teams working on important projects. They receive focused leadership, client-service, diversity and inclusion, and business development training. They are assigned mentors and coaches, participate in events and seminars, and are given individualized guidance on judicial clerkships, pro bono opportunities and other practical experiences that support client and firm goals while fostering professional development.