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We Are True To Ourselves

Irell attorneys are a diverse group.  Although we come from a wide array of backgrounds, countries and experiences, we share a common passion for practicing law at the highest levels and we are all dedicated to finding the best solutions for our clients.  Our differences enrich us and our common desire for excellence binds us.  At Irell, we can be ourselves and focus on our shared passions.

Even casual office discussion often involves recent cases, ongoing matters, and interesting legal issues.  We wouldn’t have it any other way, and we encourage hearty discussions and debates about developing legal and social issues.  In fact, the firm produces in-house discussions and training sessions, usually led by associates, on topics relevant to our practice and our community several times every week.  The environment around the office is prime for inquisitive legal minds.

Our attorneys are unique professionals with unique aspirations and talents.  We foster an entrepreneurial approach to attorney development.  We do not require attorneys to specialize in one practice area.  We encourage them to develop their practices around their interests.  Attorneys are able to choose their matters, although the firm offers work coordination assistance when needed.  This allows our attorneys to showcase their abilities, irrespective of seniority level, and nurture their interests.

Our matters are leanly-staffed. Every attorney is a vital teammate.  This provides even our most junior associates with opportunities to practice on the front lines, and direct exposure to partners who work closely with them to develop their skills and careers.   Many matters involve only one associate and one partner. 

Our partners care deeply about associate career development.  They entrust associates with the most important tasks and routinely give associates the opportunity to manage and even lead their matters. This is why Irell associates develop so quickly.   

Our culture encourages individuals to pursue their interests and provides early opportunities for growth. This fosters a platform for unique talents and brilliant legal minds to develop.  Our attorneys are not expected to fit a mold; they are encouraged to forge their own paths and be true to themselves.

Associates are also encouraged to apply their interests and creativity to enhancing life at Irell.  Comparatively small (given our stature among other firms), Irell's collegial, open-minded and “non-corporate” environment allows associates to offer ideas to shape the firm.  Associates represent a majority on most firm committees, including the Associates’ Committee, the Diversity Committee, the Pro Bono Committee, the Summer Committee, the Mentoring Committee, and the Hiring Committee.  Associates actually created several of these committees.  Partners expect that associates will contribute not only to their client matters but also to leading the firm.  The associates are truly Irell's foundation and they enhance our culture.

We Work With Great People

Our attorneys are remarkably bonded and truly enjoy practicing with one another.  These bonds begin to form during our summer program and carry our attorneys throughout their careers at Irell and beyond.  To support and enhance these relationships, we host myriad social events, such as, regular happy hours, lunch programs, annual retreats, alumni gatherings, and parties that are not to be missed.  

The attorneys Irell attracts, and the candidates the firm seeks, come from varied backgrounds.  Many have had other careers, several have spent years traveling, some have owned their own businesses, and many have advanced degrees.  The typical Irell attorney has interests beyond practicing law, and the firm encourages people to pursue interests about which they are passionate.  Among our lawyers are musicians, photographers, writers, and athletes.  Many Irell attorneys serve on local boards for education, the arts, and charities outside the legal arena. 

We value the different perspectives and life experiences our attorneys bring to the firm and our practice.  Through our Hiring, Diversity, and Mentoring Committees, we seek further opportunities to hire and develop quality attorneys that self-identify with under-represented groups in the legal profession, including, but not limited to, racial or ethnic minorities; women; gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender individuals; persons with disabilities; and individuals from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background.  We thrive on having an inclusive culture and we believe it contributes to the strength of our practice.  For more information on Irell’s diversity programs, click here.

Irell has a strong tradition of mentoring, which also begins with the summer program.  Each summer associate is assigned an associate mentor and that relationship often continues for years.  Because our associates are fully engaged and integrated in our practice from day one, they are quickly able to train, mentor, and supervise their more junior colleagues.  In fact, our associates are major contributors to our in-house trainings.  To learn more about our mentoring programs, click here.

Our associates frequently mention that they chose Irell, at least in part, because of the extraordinary people they met when they interviewed.  Our partners say that part of what makes practicing at Irell so stimulating and satisfying is working with the many talented and terrific people who come to the firm.