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Growth & Opportunities

It is not just our philosophy that people should be put to their highest and best use—it is a necessity given our size. Because we hire only the best, we give associates significant responsibility—including taking depositions and drafting briefs—from the beginning. It is not in the firm’s interest to churn out associates whose only skill is overseeing document reviews.

We are involved in some of the most interesting and challenging legal issues of our time. The firm successfully took the lead role for a group of objectors, 7 former NFL players, to the landmark class action settlement of the NFL Concussion Litigation.  We were lead counsel in the most significant white collar criminal case trial in the country last year.  We also recently represented three whistleblowers in highly successful federal and state qui tam actions.  In addition, we have become a leading firm for investors seeking to uphold their rights – a recent win in the Delaware Supreme Court and our national leadership in the litigation over residential mortgage-backed securities are examples of that.  Our work often pushes the boundaries of law.

We handle cases throughout the United States and represent domestic and international clients. Our clients include several foreign sovereigns as well as individuals and corporations. 

Associates not only have significant client contact on matters, they participate in pitches and other business development activities as we build our client base. So, our associates are learning not only the practice of law at the highest level, they are learning the business of law.

We view continuing legal education as more than a requirement to keep a law license, and we invest in associate development through both formal training and informal mentoring. Our junior lawyers participate in programs through organizations like the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA)—all associates attend the NITA deposition and trial skills courses shortly after joining us. More importantly, they reap the unique benefits of working in a close-knit environment of seasoned professionals such as ours.

Every member of our team also has the benefit of working with an independent professional coach who understands both the legal profession and our business. We believe it is in your interest and the firm’s interest for you to be as good a lawyer as you can be, as fast as you can be that. We are always looking for better ways to support and enhance the skills of our team.

In addition to attorneys, our legal assistants are also an integral part of our team.  They work closely with the firm’s attorneys on projects involving all aspects of litigation and benefit from substantive exposure to our main practice areas.  Our legal assistants have gone on to attend great law schools, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale and Columbia.

New team members are not mere replacements in the cycle of turnover—they are an integral part of a growing business. In the long-term, associates who show outstanding development will likely be considered for partnership in the firm before they would be in a large law firm. 

Our Culture

We are committed to working in a collegial, mutually-supportive environment that allows each member of the firm to draw on his or her talents meaningfully. We love practicing law and doing so in a setting where we have few conflicts and are free to take on matters that interest us as well as provide financial reward.

Teamwork. We operate on the idea that complex legal challenges require a range of skills and therefore value individuals for the unique talent they may bring to our organization. No World Series was ever won by an organization that put nine third basemen on the field, and no complex legal problem can be solved by staffing the matter with a group of lawyers who all have the same strengths. We look for individuals who appreciate the importance of teamwork and understand and embrace the differences among team members working toward a common goal.

Community. We encourage all of our members to demonstrate leadership in the legal and greater community through participation in professional associations and community organizations. With the full support of the firm, our lawyers regularly seek opportunities to serve others, effect positive change, and participate in the exchange of important ideas. The firm pays for membership and strongly encourages participation in the American Bar Association Section of Litigation and the American Inns of Court. But our lawyers are involved in a broad range of organizations.

Pro Bono. We are proud of our strong commitment to pro bono work. Our lawyers typically devote at least 25 hours per year to pro bono activities in addition to their work for paying clients—with many devoting much more time than that. The pro bono matters we handle are diverse. Among recent matters led by associates: 

  • a successful Section 1983 suit in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) regarding the religious rights of a New York state prisoner
  • an amicus brief to the Supreme Court of the United States on behalf of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) on the Fourth Amendment consent exception for warrantless searches
  • an en banc appeal to the Virginia Court of Appeals and the Virginia Supreme Court in a contempt matter
  • an immigration appeal to the 9th Circuit
  • an amicus brief to the Supreme Court on behalf of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys on an important issue of bankruptcy law, where we were on the winning side of the case
  • an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims on behalf of a veteran on a finality issue
  • several criminal appeals to the 7th Circuit

In addition to the pro bono clients we represent at no charge, from time-to-time we represent individuals or organizations at a substantially reduced fee when the matter is of significant public interest.

Professionalism. While we are in business to earn a profit, we believe the practice of law is a profession of great purpose, and we keep that belief at the forefront of our work each day. We believe professionalism should govern our interactions with our clients, our opponents, the courts, and one another.

And consistent with the best traditions of the legal profession, firm members frequently teach and publish on a broad range of legal topics. We encourage associates to do so as part of their professional development, and we help create opportunities for this to occur.   Included in recent publications co-authored by associates is an article discussing the D.C. Circuit’s ruling on the SEC's pay to play rule. All of our associates participate in preparing our annual Supreme Court Business Briefing


Join us. If your credentials and interests are consistent with ours, and you would like to inquire about joining our team, please email us at: