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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 165 total (138 2Ls; 27 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 89 out of 89

Summer Associate Salary:

$8,958.33 (semi-monthly)

Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Nicole Wanzer
Director of Attorney Recruiting

(617) 648-4752

Our Survey Says

  • “I was given the opportunity to complete substantive work assignments that mirrored assignments I now have as an associate. I received guidance and in-depth feedback from partners and senior associates.”
  • “Work assignments are substantive and provide you growth opportunities. Training is helpful, but requires a lot of proactive learning. Attorneys tend to be too busy to actively provide feedback and training, so you have to seek it out.”
  • “I did assignments during my summer associate program that I would later end up doing as a first-year associate, so I felt appropriately included and introduced to what my work would be like as a first year. Training that I received during my summer associate program was directly impactful on my start as a first year.”
  • “I was a summer associate in 2020, the height of quarantine and remote work. MoFo did a great job giving us as much substantive work as clients were comfortable letting summer associates handle remotely.”
  • “MoFo has events weekly, and usually has a good turnout of summer associates to attorneys. By the end of the summer, it is easy to get to know everyone in the office.”
  • “The firm did a great job fostering a strong culture and social environment, especially considering the situation in 2020.”
  • “My summer program was remote due to COVID-19, so the in-person event programming was extremely minimal. However, the team did its best to integrate us virtually and, all things considered, it was successful.”
  • “Very social, very fun summer associate experience. But just like other BigLaw firms, it doesn't map onto a first-year associate's work-life experience well.”
  • “The firm is more free market than I expected. We were told we would have a work assignment person as backup, but the backup work offered is rare to come by. You have to reach out to partners for work yourself. It can be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences, but either way, it was unexpected.”
  • “My experience as an attorney has been almost exactly my experience as a summer. I'm practicing the exact areas of law I expected, people are just as helpful and friendly, and I'm receiving training and feedback constantly.”
  • “I've gotten a lot of substantive work, which I really appreciate. The people are just as nice and helpful as they were during the summer. But you have to be prepared to work 100x more than you worked during the summer.”
  • “I think that is actually one of the items that I've been most pleasantly surprised about—what folks told me during the summer did, in fact, end up being reality. I really appreciated that candidness from the firm upfront. My favorite part of my practice area is the limited amount of hours I have to work on the weekend.”
  • “For my summer experience, it was pizza making. For the past summer, where it was in person, I would say the Topgolf event or the welcome reception.”
  • “Visiting the managing partner's home for food and games, a virtual MapQuest style activity, cookie decorating.”
  • “The best event was when we all met in person at SF, where we did a boat tour and had dinner with partners and associates.”
  • “There was a firmwide virtual ‘scavenger hunt’ that was a total blast, plus it helped me get to know other summer associates very well.”

The Firm Says

Expect More from MoFo

Real Work: You’ll receive a mix of assignments tailored to your interest, ranging from writing briefs, motions, contracts, and client memoranda to assisting in drafting and negotiation sessions, helping with depositions and witness preparation, performing due diligence in corporate transactions, and working on pro bono assignments.
Real Skills: Our program is designed to give you the necessary tools and skills to succeed and provide a realistic view into what a MoFo career might look like. You’ll participate in tailored learning and development programs that’ll introduce you to the full capabilities of the firm.
Real Guidance: You’ll be assigned mentors to help you acclimate to the firm and introduce you to the team members in their practice group and office. Our attorneys understand the importance of providing students guidance and a welcoming environment where you’re encouraged to ask questions and contribute to the team.