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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2022): 82 total (77 2Ls; 5 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2021): 76 of 76

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Cindy Hasson
Managing Director, Talent Acquisition and Enrichment
(213) 318-6000

Our Survey Says

Training & Assignments

  •  “Each summer associate is assigned to a Work Assignment Coordinator, who manages their workflow. The Work Assignment Coordinator is a mid-level or senior associate. Summer associates share the practice groups they are interested in with the Work Assignment Coordinator, who goes through a database of potential assignments and works with the summer associate to pick assignments they are interested in.”
  • “About half of the time was spent in training programs (mock depositions, negotiation skills, etc.) and half the time on substantive work. All summers got to help on at least one pro bono assignment and rotated through at least two different practice groups.”
  • “The work assignments were substantive, engaging and instructive. I received valuable feedback and felt prepared to start my career at the firm.”
  • “It was a good mix of interesting assignments that added value to one aspect of a larger product the team was working on and assignments that were a little more to the heart of what you would be doing as an associate at the firm.”

Social Opportunities

  • “We were encouraged to reach out to associates and partners to get coffee or lunch, which were both subsidized by the firm. I think I had about three to six coffees or lunches scheduled per week of the summer program. There were several fun social events that were well-attended by summer associates, associates, and partners.”
  • “Our summer program is a good mixture of work and fun. Summer associates are not expected to go to a social event every night, but the firm ensures there are several events so that each summer associate has the opportunity to interact with attorneys at every level and in every practice group.”
  • “The summer program was remote, and Paul Hastings did a great job of providing access to attorneys and partners, and having multiple social events. The talent and development team and summer program leadership more than made do, making a strong program out of a difficult time. Summer associates bonded tightly in this context, though, admittedly, not as much as we might have in-person.”
  • “I feel fortunate to have been a summer associate when all social events were conducted in-person. I really enjoyed meeting the other attorneys outside of work and getting to know them better. The firm made me feel special.”

Associate Experience vs. Summer Expectations

  • “Overall, the summer was a pretty good reflection on being a first year. There is obviously more work with document review and such, but, because my summer was fairly substantive, it aligned pretty well.”
  • “Our summer program is completely free market, where you can take work from any group/team with available assignments. By contrast, we were assigned into a department (corporate, litigation, employment, tax) upon entry as associates. Many of us were further assigned into a group right away.”
  • “The thing that surprised me most is how much others valued my opinion right from the start. It doesn't matter whether you are a summer associate, a first year, or a ninth year, the partners I've worked with have always asked for my thoughts and ideas. Every member of the team is important and treated as such.”

Favorite Summer Events

  • “At the end of the summer, the summer associates got to plan our own event that was funded by the firm. We booked a private room on a Potomac River cruise. The firm also rented out a box to watch a Nationals game.”
  • “Sailing around in the San Diego bay on a catamaran was my favorite.”
  • “Virtual cocktail making was a hit!”
  • “I like the department parties because they allow you to really get a feel for each practice group. I'm biased, but I liked the happy hour and escape room event put together by the employment litigation practice group.”

The Firm Says

Our summer associate program design will provide summer associates with the training and tools they need to develop and succeed at the firm. Building client readiness skills are at the core of the summer program design. Through a combination of live and on-demand training programs and targeted assessments, summer associates will be able to hit the ground running when they join the firm as incoming associates.  Summer associates will receive assignments from attorneys supporting client work across various practice areas providing a realistic view of what it’s like to practice law at Paul Hastings.