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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2024): 99 total (86 2Ls; 13 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2023): 78 out of 78

Summer Associate Salary:

$4,326 per week

Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Amy Fredenburg
Managing Director, Talent Acquisition
(213) 318-6000

Our Survey Says

  • “I was given real work and substantive feedback from everyone I worked with, including associates at all levels and partners. People took time to explain things to me, and also to get to know me. There was meaningful training and mentorship.”
  • “I valued my summer associate experience because it was my first exposure to BigLaw, and I got to work with several senior associates across different practice groups. The most rewarding work and experience wound up being my preferred placement, and it’s what I tackle today full time.”
  • “I was given substantive work as a summer associate. The associates, partners, and staff were all invested in my development. I still work with and value those relationships today.”
  • “I did a good amount of substantive work as a summer associate, including preparing client presentations, deposition summaries, and a number of research memorandums.”
  • “Firm sponsored events for us to get to know others in the summer class, and happy hours with attorneys.”
  • “The firm did just about the best it could do during a remote summer program. Events were engaging and well attended. The summer associates are all very close, and remain close to date.”
  • “The social events were interesting and fun. They showcased the city well. The firm attorneys who attended were friendly and welcoming.”
  • “Talent development is incredible at PH! These employees welcome summer associates, and facilitate introductions to every attorney in the local office. Planned social events take place once a week, but there are other informal lunches with partners (often one on one), and coffee runs with associates. These activities facilitated great camaraderie among summer associates.”
  • "I'm pleasantly surprised that I've gotten more complex, substantive, and challenging work assignments than I was expecting. I was kind of expecting just due diligence and signature pages as a first year, but it's been much more than that, with opportunities to analyze, summarize, and even draft parts of deals.”
  • “The switching departments was not a repeated experience when I began as a first year, but I do not mind that. The pleasant surprise is that my entire group is extremely helpful in making sure I know how to tackle the work and meet billable hours. It truly feels like a team, although I expected some sense of business or competitiveness.”
  • “There was no miscommunication, but the workload is certainly more significant as a full-time associate than as a summer. This is difficult to convey to summer associates.”
  • “I was able to choose my practice area, and that is where I have worked as an associate. The nature of the work I have been assigned was as expected, and even at times more substantive and meaningful than what I had expected to be assigned, given my level of experience at the time. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much freedom associates have to manage their own schedules—as long as your work is getting done, you generally can work whenever it is conducive to your lifestyle.”
  • “Mixology class, cooking class, and smaller cooking class hosted by a partner I now work with closely.”
  • “We did a virtual escape room which was surprisingly very fun!”

The Firm Says

Our summer associate program design will provide summer associates with the training and tools they need to develop and succeed at the firm. Building client readiness skills are at the core of the summer program design. Through a combination of live and on-demand training programs, summer associates will be able to hit the ground running when they join the firm as incoming associates.  Summer associates will receive assignments from attorneys supporting client work across various practice areas providing a realistic view of what it’s like to practice law at Paul Hastings.