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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 60 total (57 2Ls; 3 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 44 out of 48

Summer Associate Salary:

*Salaries vary depending on location.

Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Kristen Getto
Special Projects Manager
(816) 572-4735

Our Survey Says

  • “Work was substantive, and attorneys were very available to help and answer any questions. Work given varied across every practice group, but it was flexible enough where summers could reach out to specific departments/shareholders and ultimately tailor their summer to work in areas they found more interesting.”
  • “I was given challenging assignments that gave me substantive experience that prepared me for practice. I was drafting initial forms of contracts, populating disclosure schedules, and assisting with regulatory compliance matters.”
  • “I worked on a variety of assignments in all practices in our office. I had the opportunity to work with attorneys from across the country. I did research and wrote memorandums and recommendations for attorneys based on my research. The work was challenging, and I believe that it was comparable to what I am doing now.”
  • “The social aspect of the summer associate program was the perfect balance of fun and work. I got to go to lunch with almost every attorney in the firm throughout my summer. There were happy hours every week or so, and we got to attend other events with attorneys.”
  • “There were a lot of events outside of the firm. The events included dinners, karaoke, a soccer game, a baseball game, happy hours, and lunches with associates and shareholders.”
  • “There were many happy hours and other events to get to know both the associates and shareholders at the firm. The summer associates got along very well.”
  • “I think my experience now as an attorney has matched the high expectations I had as a summer. I am challenged every day but also encouraged to develop and grow.”
  • “Though the workload is quite different from when I was a summer, I feel that my summer experience was similar to my current experience as a first-year associate.”
  • “My summer associate experience exceeded all of my expectations. I did not expect to feel as welcomed as I did when working as a summer associate.”
  • “My favorite summer event was the informal lunches and happy hours I had with my mentors.”
  • “The CEO of the firm hosted a dinner party at his house for us to attend.”
  • “Attending a soccer game in a suite the firm had.”

The Firm Says

Polsinelli’s summer associate program provides law students an opportunity to work alongside associates and  shareholders for ten weeks. Roles and responsibilities of a summer associate include, but are not limited to, drafting a  variety of legal documents such as motions, memos, and organizational documents; interpreting laws, rulings, and  regulations; examining legal and other data to determine strategies for clients; and analyzing the probable outcomes of  cases, negotiations and other legal transactions.