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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2024): 67 total (60 2Ls; 7 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2023): 61 out of 61

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Please contact the recruiting chairs for each office.

Our Survey Says

  • “I was staffed as a team member on matters and was given substantive work. My teams treated me as a true member of the team.”
  • “Substantive first-year-type assignments in the corporate department.”
  • “The firm did an excellent job at offering trainings and work assignments that would allow us to understand the different practice groups and build a strong foundation for when we return as first-year associates.”
  • “Summers get opportunities to join the same teams as first years and pick up assignments, join calls, participate in decision-making discussions, and work on documents.”
  • “Everyone at Proskauer is friendly. We had one formal after-work event per week, which was perfect. They made sure we met folks and had lunch with different attorneys.”
  • “The social aspects of the firm's summer associate program were well-organized and executed successfully. There was ample opportunity to connect and interact with firm attorneys, from junior associates to partners, and spend time with our summer class.”
  • “Partners and associates across practice groups displayed significant interest in taking time to meet with summer associates through lunch or coffee. Summer associates … were very close and remain close as first years.”
  • “Amazing social events that are unique to Proskauer, such as going to the Tony Awards and NBA draft.”
  • “The firm gives us independence to handle our workflow as we best see fit, and the partners trust us to get involved in high-level matters, communications with the client, and important work product. As a summer associate, I did not expect to be given such responsibilities during my first months as a junior associate, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the mentorship and opportunities to grow.”
  • “I knew that we had to pick a practice area at the end of the summer. It was a nerve-racking choice, but I was pleasantly surprised how happy I ended up being with my choice. Talking with other people ahead of time helped me tailor my choice to my work style and interests.”
  • “I was surprised by how kind everyone has continued to be. Of course, everyone was especially nice during summer, but that wasn't just a show to get summers to commit to the firm. Everyone here really cares about you as a person.”
  • “The workload is heavier as a practicing attorney. With that considered, it has been exciting to be exposed to a variety of matters, and the firm provides plenty of resources to help guide young associates.”
  • “Tony Awards.”
  • “The NBA Draft.”
  • “Dodgers games.”
  • “Nationals game.”

The Firm Says

Our summer program is designed to closely replicate the experience of being a lawyer at Proskauer. Summer associates work on complex and challenging legal matters, learn from leaders in the field, and experience Proskauer’s diverse and inclusive culture. We take every opportunity to show summer associates why their work matters—each will work on a particular pro bono matter. Every day at Proskauer represents important training—from working with experienced professionals on client matters to receiving real-time feedback and direction. Summer associates have the chance to enhance their understanding of key areas by participating in partner-led, interactive training workshops, including sessions on corporate negotiations, the lifecycle of a transaction, mediation, and mock trials. At the end of the day, it’s all about the people—so summer associates will have many opportunities to join in social, cultural, or recreational activities to get better acquainted with their fellow summers and lawyers at the firm.