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Reed Smith began as a Pittsburgh institution, has expanded dramatically both domestically and internationally, and offers a great landing spot for associates. Hiring metrics include grades, work experience, diversity, and personality. People are caring, kind, and supportive, and they enjoy socializing together. Associates are respected and guided by partners, even during busy times, while management shares information well and is receptive to associate feedback. Formal training receives mixed reviews despite the firm’s learning and development programs, but associates benefit from direct experiences and strong mentorship from more-senior associates and partners. Lateral hires feel they acclimate well through training modules and assigned mentors. Associate work assignments are high quality, relevant, and sometimes above their experience level, but not before they are ready to handle them. Reed Smith does not have a set work allocation system, so projects seem to be distributed based on merit and partner familiarity. Associates have a reasonable 2,000-hour billable requirement, and compensation is competitive, though associates must hit the billable goal to receive a bonus and stay on the traditional salary scale the following year. The firm has improved technology, including billing software and research services, and has done well segueing to remote work options. Some wellness offerings are well received, but many seem reactive and ineffective. Reed Smith prioritizes pro bono work, with up to 140 hours that count as billable, and diversity efforts with programs and hiring are commendable, though retention, especially of women, is an issue. Advancement to counsel or partner in the firm is feasible, and good options exist to go in-house or to other firms.

Reed Smith LLP

599 Lexington Avenue
New York 10022
Phone: (212) 521-5400

Firm Stats

Global Managing Partner: Casey Ryan
Total No. Attorneys (2023):
1.5K - 2K
No. of Partners Named 2022:
Billable-Hour Requirement:

Base Salary

1st year: $215,000
Summer Associate: $215,000

Employment Contact

Christine Tallon
Director of U.S. Legal Recruiting
(215) 549-0319

No. of U.S. Offices: 18

No. of International Offices: 13

Major Office Locations

Austin, TX
Century City, CA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL
New York, NY
Orange County, CA
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Princeton, NJ
Richmond, VA
San Francisco, CA
Silicon Valley, CA
Tysons, VA
Washington, DC
Wilmington, DE I
Abu Dhabi
Hong Kong