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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 67 total (59 2Ls; 8 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 49 out of 49

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Christine Tallon   
Director of U.S. Legal Recruiting
(215) 549-0319

Our Survey Says

  • “Reed Smith's resources, training programs, and mentorship programs are beyond comparison. During the summer program, associates have a project manager mentor, career mentor, and writing coach. Between the three mentors, summer associates receive plenty of practical guidance, feedback, and assignments. Reed Smith's client experience program also provides hands-on training, by allowing summer associates to work directly with a specific client.”
  • “As a summer associate, I received substantive legal research and writing assignments, and meaningful feedback on my work. I also had the opportunity to work with great attorneys and mentors, and explore fields of law to determine which I most wanted to practice.”
  • “I found it helpful that the firm used an assignment portal for summer associates to select from a wide variety of opportunities throughout the summer. This resource made it easy to stay productive. The trainings, both pre-recorded videos and live video calls, were helpful for adjusting to firm life.”
  • “I was given very substantive assignments right off the bat (though they had a ton of oversight). I was able to help with a deposition outline, attend a deposition, attend a trial, and do a ton of research for various groups at the firm.”
  • “The firm did a great job planning social events, not only for the summers, but for all attorneys. These events were a big reason why the integration to being a full-time associate went so smoothly.”
  • “My summer class became very close friends! Summer events also helped facilitate relationships with attorneys at the firm. We are a smaller office, but the events never felt empty, because people would show. I also felt like nothing was drawn out, too—we were free to leave when we wanted, and people with families or other obligations didn't feel obligated to stay out all night. It was a really great balance.”
  • “Our summer was a hybrid summer because of COVID. However, attorneys still made it a point to have meaningful interactions with the summer associates. I would receive requests for lunch and coffee chats on a weekly basis.”
  • “Summering during the pandemic was a challenge, but the firm seemed to make it work. We had fun virtual events, and attorneys made a serious effort to Zoom in to the online events. Although we were not in person, it was easy enough to network, and start building relationships.”
  • “The experience was largely the same, and they prepared us well for the transition. Of course, the work as a first year can be a bit more demanding than the work as a summer, but they set very realistic expectations for what real associate life would be like, and there have not been any surprises thus far.”
  • “My experience at the firm is more or less precisely what I expected. Although the job can be very demanding, that is a product of the industry. At least at my firm, the work is substantive, I am getting excellent experience working with incredible attorneys, and I am building my skills as a lawyer.”
  • “I have only been pleasantly surprised. Working at Reed Smith is even better than I imagined. I am trusted with more responsibility than I thought I would be, which is very nice. I assumed that our first year would be spent earning the trust of the people we work with and doing less substantive work, but that hasn't been the case at all. They asked us to jump in with both feet, and are helping us each step of the way. It has far exceeded my expectations in so many ways.”
  • “I thought the ‘free market’ system would facilitate generating work from multiple practice groups—in reality, it is much more difficult to get assignments in varying practice areas.”
  • “Trips to baseball games, informal lunches with associates, cooking classes, escape room, trivia night.”
  • “My favorite summer event was having dinner with a few other associates at the office managing partner's house. We spent much of the time hearing about each other's work and personal hobbies, which made me feel more a part of the firm, and comfortable with my colleagues.”
  • “The in-person week was a blast! At the end of the summer, we were able to work in the office, and meet others at social events and baseball games.”
  • “Broadway play, painting, casino night.”

The Firm Says

We seek to offer a professionally rewarding and personally meaningful experience for our summer associates. Our program provides them with a realistic snapshot of associate life at Reed Smith and offers them an experience that reflects our core values, including innovation, excellence and impact. Reed Smith summer associates get to take on client projects in all of the practice areas that interest them. They have the support of partner and associate mentors, as well as the guidance of writing instructors who will help them hone their analytical and persuasive writing skills. Our Summer Academy courses supplement on-the-job training by covering development topics like cost-effective research methods and the business structure of today's law firm. Social activities serve as another terrific avenue to get to know future colleagues and summer associate classmates. Reed Smith offers a competitive salary and benefits as well as award-winning commitments to DE&I and innovation.