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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 160 total (158 2Ls; 2 SEOs)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 128 out of 128

Summer Associate Salary:

$8,958.34 semi-monthly

Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Rebecca Calman
Director – Legal Talent Office – Recruiting & Training
(212) 558-4036

Our Survey Says

  • “My work was highly substantive and I felt like a valued member of each of my teams. I had an active voice in choosing what I wanted my summer to look like. I had an amazing mentor who still advocates strongly for me to this day.”
  • “Over the summer, I received significant partner feedback on my drafts. Looking back, the partner investment into my writing skills was invaluable.”
  • “It was nice to not have to work too much during the summer so you could attend events, but I also felt like I was doing assignments for high-profile clients and large deals.”
  • “The work was similar to the work I am doing currently. I felt that it prepared me for the type of work, but not necessarily the amount of work. …”
  • “Before my summer, I had the impression that S&C would be very uptight and not very social, but I have found my experience here to be the opposite. Coworkers are friends with each other outside of work, and the atmosphere in the office is very light and fun.”
  • “Tons of social events, almost too many to attend all of. The social events consisted of both weekly happy hours at the firm, and various off-site events with different partners and different activities. There was truly something for everyone.”
  • “There were a ton of opportunities to socialize with other summers and with associates and partners at the firm. I had so much fun as a summer associate and made many strong connections I still rely on to this day.”
  • “Lots of opportunities to bond with [your] summer class, associates, and partners. Broadway shows, boat rides, concerts, dinners, museum trips, and baseball games were all included.”
  • “The flexibility that I had as a summer to do the kind of work I wanted to do has remained consistent throughout my time at the firm. As with all transitions from summer to actual associate, it is significantly more actual work, but being able to choose what I focus my attention on has made the transition much easier.”
  • “I am working with people I worked with as a summer and in the areas that I enjoy working in, which is what I was told would happen. I have a lot of control over the kind of work I've been doing and the teams I've joined.”
  • “I think it is very clear that summer associate life at any firm is not indicative of what being a first-year associate is like. That being said, I don't think there were any false promises or misrepresentations made during my summer experience. We had a good time but were able to get a sense of what being an actual associate looks like.”
  • “I think people were very honest and real about the level of work and number of hours I would have to work such that it was not a surprise to me. What was a surprise was how flexible the firm would be in terms of working from home versus in office, working styles, and continuing to foster a social environment.”
  • “… [Last] summer my favorite event was a Lizzo concert with one of my favorite litigation partners. The Women's Initiative Committee also had both a dinner and a wine-tasting event that were a great opportunity for summer associates to meet other women in the firm.”
  • “My favorite annual summer event is an annual lake day a partner hosts at his lake house. We have a ton of fun at the lake and a really great dinner afterward.”
  • “I liked the Summer Olympics the best. The summers were divided into teams with their peer mentors and just competed in a series of activities.”