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Our Survey Says


Working at Williams & Connolly means you are among the litigation elite, and getting a spot on the team is highly competitive. Clerkships, stellar academics, and fitting in with the firm’s culture are a must. Staffing is lean, so associates are given substantial responsibility from the start, and working with senior attorneys and partners is the norm. The firm almost exclusively promotes homegrown associates to partners, so partners are heavily invested in cultivating talent down the ranks. Mentorship relationships are strong, and associates are given the opportunity to rotate between different partners to get a feel for everyone at the firm. There is little formal training at Williams & Connolly, but that’s OK—associates are trained on the job and allowed to develop their skills in real time. Compensation is good at the firm, with no annual bonus structure, allowing associates to focus on the work without the stress of hitting a billable hour target. The firm also values the wellness of its associates, from unlimited time off that is encouraged and respected to premium health care benefits covered by the firm to free lunches in the office cafeteria. Technology is reliable and secure, and associates are provided with everything necessary to perform their work either at the office or remotely. Associates have a high probability of making partner at Williams & Connolly, but exit opportunities are a breeze given the firm’s reputation and connections with high-caliber clients, and an extensive alumni network. Diversity is a priority at the firm, as noted by the diverse attorneys recently promoted to partner. Pro bono is prevalent and encouraged, and there is no limit to the amount of pro bono work an associate can perform.

Williams & Connolly LLP

725 12th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: (202) 434-5000

Firm Stats

Executive Director: Jennifer Scott
Managing Partner: R. Hackney Wiegmann
Hiring Committee Chair: Lance A. Wade
Total No. Attorneys (2023):
250 - 500
No. of Partners Named 2023:

Base Salary

1st year: $ 240,000
2nd year: $ 280,000
3rd year: $ 315,000
4th year: $ 350,000
5th year: $ 390,000
6th year: $ 415,000
7th year: $ 430,000
8th year: $ 435,000
9th year: $ 435,000
Summer Associate: $ 4,615/week

Employment Contact

Natasha M. Zech, Esq.
Director of Attorney Recruiting, Diversity and Development
(202) 434-5605

No. of U.S. Offices: 1

No. of International Offices: 0

Major Office Locations

Washington, DC

Major Departments

Civil Litigation and Trial Practice
Criminal Defense and Government Investigations
Supreme Court and Appellate Litigation
*See firm website for complete list of practice areas and industries.