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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2024): 55 (All 2Ls)

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

12 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Natasha M. Zech, Esq.
Director of Attorney Recruiting, Diversity and Development
(202) 434-5605

Our Survey Says

  • “I received what I perceived to be meaningful, substantive assignments that played a role in the overall case strategy. I met with associates and partners, and received thoughtful feedback on the work I had done.”
  • “Summer associates are given substantive assignments that need to be done on case teams. There are no fake assignments! The summers are assigned projects that would ordinarily be given to associates on case teams that need some extra help. Summer associates are also fully integrated into case teams, which helps give them experience in how cases are managed.”
  • “I had substantive assignments, and had the opportunity to write a memo that went to a client.”
  • “I attended part of a large trial, and was substantively involved in jury research and jury selection. I performed legal research, and wrote memos. Almost all of my primary contacts on assignments were partners.”
  • “Our summer class was a great crew that got along well. The summer program was well balanced—plenty of events, without feeling overwhelmed.”
  • “I have a bunch of friends from my summer associate class, including one of my closest friends.”
  • “The firm's summer events are a great way to get to know the other summer associates and attorneys at the firm. They are very laid back—everyone is welcome to join, and nothing is mandatory. Attorneys are also encouraged to organize events with the summer associates on their own, and most jump at the opportunity to do so. Everyone is always really excited for the summers to arrive, and attorneys really make an effort to spend time with them, and to get to know them.”
  • “Despite the COVID summer, we had multiple opportunities to interact with attorneys and other summer associates through creative and engaging programming. At the end of the summer, we had an in-person celebration where we were able to tour the new building.”
  • “The summer associate struck a good balance of being fun while also letting us dig into substantive work. Being a summer associate is more relaxed than being an associate, but I got a good window into what to expect as an associate, because partners and associates are candid. My experience as an associate tracks their descriptions.”
  • “I have been given more opportunities than I had even imagined as a first year. Within the first month of working, I was able to ‘second chair’ multiple depositions across the country.”
  • “Practicing has been just about what I expected after my summer experience, particularly with regard to the free market system. I have gotten to work with the teams and people I want to work with. My case teams are small, and I have been given substantive assignments from day one. In my first year, I drafted sections of over half a dozen substantive pleadings, including an entire summary judgment motion.”
  • “Happy hours at restaurants on the wharf. The food is good, the drinks are good, and it's fun to mingle with everyone.”
  • “Attorneys organize lunches, dinners, happy hours, and other fun activities outside of the firm - even exercise classes.”

The Firm Says

Our program aims to integrate summer associates into the firm, so they are exposed to a range of work that the firm handles and have the opportunity to work with multiple partners and case teams. Summer projects are assigned across all subject areas, and summer associates can request assignments in practice areas of interest. Projects include traditional research and writing, as well as observational opportunities at court proceedings, depositions, and meetings. Because there are usually a number of trials happening during the summer, summer associates sometimes work with trial teams. We also host presentations about subjects such as various attorneys’ practices, the firm’s history, and our noteworthy cases. While we have a robust social calendar, all summer events are optional so that summers have the flexibility to get better acquainted with each other and their firm colleagues.