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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 118 total (118 2Ls; 0 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 113 out of 114

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Elizabeth Pond
Senior Manager, Firmwide Law School Recruiting
(650) 493-9300

Our Survey Says

  • “I had the opportunity to do substantive work that was interesting, and gave me insight into the type of work that associates typically handle in my practice group. I connected with associates and partners who provided mentorship and guidance.”
  • “I was given substantive work, even if small (like board consents and option grants), and was given visibility into the client interactions when the work product I prepared was delivered to the client. We also had several formal training sessions on various aspects of corporate law.”
  • “As with most summer programs, it entailed a handful of assignments, but was primarily focused on getting to know the attorneys and the firm's culture.”
  • “WSGR created a comprehensive training program designed to give summer associates the tools they would need as first-year associates. As a summer associate, you can expect the bulk of your work to be researching and document review.”
  • “WSGR went to great lengths to host social events in office and firmwide. We had wine tasting, escape rooms, dinners at local restaurants, and happy hour events.”
  • “Summer associate camaraderie was great! There was a good balance of social events and opportunities to network.”
  • “Social events and dinners and lunches allow for the summers to meet associates and partners. The summers met all the partners, and built relationships. There is a high level of camaraderie among summers. They have a week-long summer associate retreat to help build those relationships and key skills.”
  • “I loved my summer class, and the summer program. I think there is a good balance of events, with the understanding that associates also have life outside of work. That said, I really embraced getting to know my classmates, and years later, still feel very close with many of them, which has undoubtedly enhanced my experience at the firm.”
  • “The work is obviously different than when I was a summer associate (mostly in terms of the number of hours expected now), but that was something about which the firm and my practice group were very clear. Other than that, I think my expectations were well set by the firm.”
  • “So far, it has more or less been what was expected. I have been surprised by the level of trust my team has in me, and the willingness to help one another across the practice group. There is very little competition between associates, and it genuinely feels like everyone is on the same team, which was a nice surprise.”
  • “There are a lot more types of work that I get to do as an associate, and I do not feel that I got a full sense of the team aspect of the work as a summer, as everything was very segmented into small assignments.”
  • “I expected work at my firm to be busier and more hectic. With the economic slowdown, I have not received very much work. This has been very pleasant in allowing me a better work-life balance; however, I would like more projects and involvement. I am grateful my firm has not engaged in attorney layoffs like several peer firms.”
  • “My favorite events were a game night, painting, sculpting, and a chocolate and tea pairing/tasting event.”
  • “Our retreat in Santa Cruz with a variety of speakers and activities was a highlight, of course. I also loved the cake decorating competition on-site at the firm. It was a blast, and a fun activity to bring out the competitive side of all attorneys.”
  • “A professionally organized scavenger hunt around DC—the attorneys on my team were so into it, and it was actually very competitive.”
  • “My favorite summer event was the end-of-summer barbeque, where the whole office was invited to hang out together and celebrate the end of summer.”

The Firm Says

Our summer program offers a unique opportunity to work with the leading provider of legal services to technology, life sciences, and other growth enterprises worldwide. Summer at our firm incorporates many things important to our culture: challenging and varied assignments, direct working relationships with our innovative clients, training on key legal and professional skills, meeting a wide range of attorneys, a comprehensive training program, and exciting social activities that take advantage of our locations in technology centers around the country. With our innovative culture, the transition to a hybrid program was seamless. We provided opportunities to give back by incorporating a Juneteenth Day of Service, as well as The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Project. In addition to an already robust program of training, work and shadowing opportunities, we hosted many networking, social and activity-based events.