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Axiom Healthcare Strategies (HCS) is a life-sciences think tank challenging unmet needs in oncology and rare diseases. Together at Axiom, experts in biopharma, medical affairs, competitive planning, and commercial strategy collaboratively design actionable, innovative solutions and insight for our clients, many of the largest global names in pharma and MedTech. Our unique think-tank approach positions Axiom on the forefront of thought leadership in oncology and rare disease, making our services distinct from other consulting models.

From day one, each Axiom team member develops a deep personal expertise and takes ownership over one or more of the many exciting, rapidly changing topics in oncology and rare diseases. Team members then leverage each other’s passion and aptitudes to together fuel and drive a collaborative, adaptive environment and address the most intractable questions facing providers, patients, and industry. Axiom’s resulting thought leadership invites and encourages independent relationships with renowned medical, industry, pharmacology, and clinical research experts through publicly broadcast roundtable and town-hall discussions. These conversations connect, engage, and further enhance Axiom’s think-tank and growing strategic network. Axiom HCS is based in Princeton, NJ but has a global footprint with offices in Boston, Paris, and Bangalore.

Axiom HCS is further unique in the life-sciences consulting ecosystem through its commitment to its partner non-profit, Axiom REACH. Axiom REACH is a 501(c)(3) registered charitable organization that supports cancer patients living divested, under-resourced communities. REACH assists patients undergoing treatment, awards scholarships to underrepresented future healthcare providers, and helps combat public health disparities in oncology and rare diseases. Axiom HCS’s close partnership with REACH provides expert perspective and connections to REACH’s philanthropic programs and further informs the diversity, perspective, and motivation of the Axiom HCS think-tank.