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Vault’s Verdict

Emerton insiders are full of praise for the opportunity to work on engaging, high-stakes projects, and for the opportunity to do so as part of a welcoming, collegial culture. That translates to a seemingly pleasant and fulfilling day-to-day experience in an environment where colleagues help one another rather than jockey for promotions. 

While the firm’s brand might not be as well-known in the wider industry at present, there is a sense among insiders that Emerton is very much on the rise at present. Add that to strong compensation and you have a firm that is well worth checking out further as part of your career planning.


Employee Reviews

Firm Culture

  • “An extraordinarily enriching experience with top professionals.”
  • “Great firm culture with high CSR commitment.”
  • “In-depth sector experience and ability to position as a business partner.”
  • “No unhealthy competition between colleagues. … Stimulating environment in a context adapted to perform at one’s best on each project.
  • “Very horizontal culture, partners are very accessible.”

Quality of Life

  • “Average hours in the consulting industry. Customer travel is rare due to virtual meetings.”
  • “Flexibility of where you work and your working hours - ‘just get the job done’; great colleagues.”
  • “Sustainable work environment compared to most consulting firms thanks to a strong in-house expertise and experienced management.”
  • “There is a good work/life balance culture at Emerton as most of us are practicing sports quite frequently. Once you are done with your day, you can leave the office and there is no culture of staying late to demonstrate you were ‘still there’. The days at office are very flexible and partners trust us in how we want to manage our working from home behaviour.”
  • “Values that are universally lived throughout the organization; inter-office travel and offsite meetings; mentorship.”

Career Development

  • “Assessment of career progress is done on a regular and transparent basis, enabling constant and flexible role evolution, and promotion as soon as there is a common view on the readiness for the next role.”
  • “Extensive training upon arrival and several other trainings and knowledge sharing moments throughout the year.”
  • “Lots of opportunities (international development, innovation) within the Emerton group.”
  • “Promotion process is tailor-made to each consultant.”
  • “Very good informal training and mentoring from partners. Very challenging responsibilities.”


  • “Best: Good pay, equal pay, important bonuses. Worst: No sign-on bonus (for entry-level, which is quite normal).”
  • “Compensation package is overall very attractive. For the variable part, there is a good balance between collective and individual performance.”
  • “Quick salary progression.”
  • “Salary progression looks good to me so far, going along with the promotion process.”
  • “They have a competitive package at all levels.”

Community Engagement

  • “A committee dedicated to Diversity initiatives has been put in place.”
  • “A strong program on DE&I was set up in recent years, with a manifesto being published soon.”
  • “Extremely diverse team in all regards—nationalities, languages, women, LGBTQ+.”
  • “High diversity across all dimensions. Interesting pro bono projects relative to disabilities.”
  • “We work in an industry where male profiles are prominent so we put a lot of effort in trying to recruit diverse profiles to have a good balance within the teams in terms of gender and country of origins.”

Business Outlook

  • “Best: Strong network of clients who generate repeat projects due to high satisfaction.”
  • “Extensive expertise in the industrial sectors help gather interesting projects and work on current key challenges.”
  • “The firm is considered a very premium strategy consulting firm and derives most of its business from existing clients.”
  • “Very high expertise in all industries covered by the firm.”
  • “Very innovative firm. Emerton has developed a strong Data & Analytics practice with Emerton Data.”

Hiring Process

  • “1 first round 30min fit + quantitative test (30min)
    2nd round : 2x1h with 2 consultants. 20min fit 40min case
    3rd round : 1 or 2 x1h interview 20min fit 40min case
    Last round ; 2h45 written case.”
  • “Ideal candidate is passionate about Emerton’s sectors, with superior analytical and business skills.”
  • “Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. International background.”
  • “The callback process was always quick and included feedback to continue improving during the process.”
  • “We seek candidates that have business acumen, that are not too academic, and that share our values.”

Interview Questions

  • “Could you please assess the case study (as provided) and answer all questions within 2 hours?”
  • “Combination of oral case studies, quantitative tests, and written case studies.”
  • “The company uses a mix of personal motivation interviews with behavioral questions and case interviews.”
  • “We have a fit interview, a digital test with maths questions, classical case interview, and a final written case study.”

16 Avenue Hoche
Paris 75008
Phone: (617) 816-1579

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Managing Partner, Paris: Sébastien Plessis
Managing Partner, Paris: Aimé Lachapelle
Managing Partner, USA: Dan Dannenberg

Major Office Locations

Paris, FR
New York, NY, USA
Tokyo, JP
Munich, DE
London, UK

Major Departments & Practices

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Sector Expertise
  • Data Analytics
  • M&A Support
  • Regulation Economics
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Digital
  • Innovation
  • Business Transformation