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At a Glance


“Company culture, interesting projects & clients.”

“The people—there are great people everywhere in consulting, but the culture at OC&C unlocks a type of collegiality that I have not seen anywhere else.”

“Strategy projects with 4 to 5 weeks’ timeline that allows exposure to a wide variety of strategic questions and clients.”


“Rigid model for talent development.”

“Still too much work from home; I like being together with my colleagues.”

“The hours can be long, but at least you are in it with your team!”

About OC&C Strategy Consultants

Focusing on strategic analysis, OC&C Strategy Consultants breaks the concept of strategy consulting down into six organizational areas: group strategy, business unit/divisional strategy, product/market/channel strategy, transaction support, strategy realization, and organization & change. 

The firm focuses on answering strategic questions facing clients from first principles, based on market, customer, and competitor realities, rather than operational status quo and constraints. That's a strategy, the firm says, that ensures clients benefit from truly custom-built solutions, rather than off-the-shelf methodologies.

Although OC&C doesn't publicize its client list, it does claim to work not only with major corporations, but also with mid-sized companies that need strategic help in rapidly changing industries. Its industries include industrial products and services, consumer goods, infrastructure, leisure, luxury, media, private equity, retail, technology, telecommunications, and transportation.

While founded in Europe more than three decades ago—with early offices in the UK, Germany, and France—OC&C has expanded its footprint in core strategic markets and now serves clients on a global scale. In addition to maintaining its presence in these markets, OC&C has also leveraged its European market position in its core sectors to the US, Asia, and beyond—trading from offices in New York, Boston, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Most recently, OC&C has added to its European footprint with the incorporation of Long Term Partners into its integrated network of offices to become OC&C Italy and OC&C Netherlands.

One point of pride for OC&C is its expertise in consumer goods. Within this area, it offers insights and provides solutions in three key sections: growth stakes, profitability issues and category management. Retail has also long been an OC&C focus. The firm claims to have been one of the original advocates for the importance of emerging value offers, private label goods and battling category killers.

The firm has made a significant effort to advise technology companies and media outlets since its founding. It offers strategy reviews, transformational performance improvement, profitable use of the digital arena, and go-to-market strategies for new services and products. Several major media outlets have looked to the firm for analysis of their own industry, concerning subjects ranging from the lack of social media regulation being blamed for the rise of “fake news” to the decline of magazine readership in the face of internet competition.

OC&C also supports world-renowned private equity firms in such areas as potential investment scoping, vendor and buyer due diligence, and post-acquisition strategy. The firm also advises companies in the leisure and hospitality industry, the analytics industry, and companies focused on B2B sales.

OC&C has a comprehensive pro bono and volunteering program through its partnership with the Robin Hood Foundation, New York's largest poverty-fighting organization. Through this partnership, OC&C provides multiple pro bono consulting engagements per year, helping advise Robin Hood's Partner organizations on strategic and operational questions. In addition to pro bono projects, the firm supports the broader community in New York and Boston through fundraising, volunteering opportunities, and other engagements.

COVID-19 Update

The disruption wrought by Covid-19 has only reinforced the strength of our model, with clients more in need than ever of fundamental strategic thinking to help them navigate the dramatic changes and new opportunities this disruption has created.

OC&C Strategy Consultants

250 West 55th Street
15th Floor
New York, NY 10019

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Worldwide Managing Partner: Will Hayllar

Major Office Locations

New York
Belo Horizonte
Hong Kong
Sao Paulo

Major Departments & Practices

  • Business Unit/Divisional Strategy
  • Group Strategy
  • Organization & Change
  • Product/Market/Channel Strategy
  • Strategy Realization
  • Transaction Support