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Vault’s Verdict

Fresh off its successful B CorpTM certification process, OC&C is blazing a “do it the right way” trail through the consulting industry—with the recognition coming at a particularly interesting time given some of the headlines being made elsewhere in the industry in 2023.

As an employer, the firm offers a dynamic and challenging work environment with a strong emphasis on firm culture and quality of client projects. Insiders appreciate the intellectually stimulating and rewarding atmosphere, bolstered by close-knit, supportive team dynamics. However, the firm's rapid growth and high expectations sometimes lead to long hours and high pressure, which can be challenging despite the rewards.

In terms of career development, OC&C offers clear promotion paths, supported by extensive training and mentorship. Compensation is competitive, with significant bonuses reflecting firm performance. Add in flexible work arrangements and a focus on work-life balance, and you have a compelling proposition for anyone looking for a high-end strategy-focused career with a true focus on giving back.


Employee Reviews

Firm Culture

  • “Amazing work environment with challenging problems and supportive team environment.”
  • “Intellectually challenging and rewarding, with interesting people who care about the work and each other.”
  • “OC&C's identity and strategy is one that avoids the biggest challenges facing consulting as a career proposition: firms getting large/impersonal and more diluted in their strategy focus. We are close-knit and highly collaborative and focused on strategy.”
  • “Relentless focus on getting to an even better answer to our client's questions. The level of intellectual curiosity is unmatched, ubiquitous, and infectious.”
  • “We do interesting, intellectually stimulating work with a great group of people. I have felt I can really open up and be myself around people in the firm. Compared to other consulting firms, all our work involves wrestling with thorny, complicated strategy problems. I am yet to have a project where I am not working on a challenging, complex workstream.”

Quality of Life

  • “Lots of flexibility on when/where you work, even at junior levels. Great attitude toward vacation, everyone always takes it, and everyone is very willing to staff projects in ways to accommodate whatever PTO you want. Unpaid leave policy is great, lots of people take it.”
  • “No travel apart from the very occasional trip, one night per week finishing at 6.30pm + Friday finish at 5/5.30pm and never work weekends, excellent culture.”
  • “Protected evenings, protected weekends.”
  • “Super easy to take time off, both paid and unpaid, they really try to protect one night per week for an early night, and Fridays are always off by 5.”
  • “The nature of the work we do—research into our clients' markets to determine commercial strategy—means we rarely need to be at the client site to do our work. We are very flexible on work location, though recognize the benefits of in-person interactions and encourage everyone to work from the office at least 3 days/week.”

Career Development

  • “OC&C offers secondments to clients, ambassadorships to our other offices around the world, MBA sponsorship—plus a ton of coaching and mentorship on projects and more broadly.”
  • “Progression opportunities and international secondments.”
  • “The promotion process is very thorough and fair—unlike what I've heard from friends at other firms.”
  • “There is a clear process for promotion with an extensive equitable process; high focus on diversity; focused mentorship for clear growth opportunities.”
  • “Training is solid and getting better. Mentorship is very strong, particularly in the New York office.”


  • “Bonus is big and adjusted upward when the firm does well. Comp is solid however total compensation has not quite kept up with market. We are still generally on par with our peers but our best competitors are pulling ahead a bit.”
  • “OC&Cers are rarely motivated primarily by financial rewards - but our compensation is on par with top-tier strategy consulting firms. We never lose good people because of compensation, but we'd also be wary of anyone who chose us primarily based on compensation.”
  • “Solid salary progression; firm and personal performance based annual bonus multiplier.”

Community Engagement

  • “DEI has executive team representation and is taken very seriously. We've had very active alliances in support of LGBTQ+, women, social, economic, and ethnic diversity for many years... and have recently launched one in support of individuals with disabilities. The firm has sponsored inclusivity and unconscious bias training for everyone, and it is a regular topic of discussion.”
  • “Very active groups with good budgets and influence within the firm. LGBTQ in particular is very active and high profile.”
  • “We make a consistent effort in recruiting to reach out to those with diverse backgrounds.”

Business Outlook

  • “Morale is very high and there are lots of projects whereas other firms have many people on the bench.”
  • “OC&C invested in continuing to grow our consulting team throughout all the economic ups & downs the last 3.5 years, and it has paid off - our top line grew even in down cycles, and we continued to capture share of our market as a result.”
  • “Strong line-up of projects extending to the end of the year; often sold out.”
  • “We are continuing to grow quickly and beat budget expectations even as our peers have seen headwinds. We have continued hiring aggressively, unlike peers.”

Hiring Process

  • “Feedback/call-back within a week; ‘Interview Buddy’ given to candidates between first and second round interviews (Junior person in the firm to help with coaching and providing first-round feedback); look for quantitatively strong candidates with strong business intuition and good interpersonal skills.”
  • “Someone hard-working, ambitious and smart—but also very likeable and has interests outside of work, shows characteristics of supporting peers instead of being overly competitive.”
  • “We look primarily for logical, structured thinkers who show intellectual curiosity and an eagerness to engage in debate and defend their arguments, while also being highly collaborative and engaging. The best thing a candidate can do to prepare is mire case practice, to allow these characteristics to shine through without the basics being a limiting factor.”

Interview Questions

  • “Everyone (all the way up to partner) gets case interviews. Typically 4 case interviews, though there may also be panel interviews for more senior candidates. Case questions are always related to true business problems rather than ‘brain teasers’. Practice helps, but don't be too wedded to boilerplate frameworks - taking it back to first principles tends to be the best approach.”
  • “Size the XYZ market, discuss how you would segment it, tell us how to help ABC company who plays in this particular segment, given this market context.”
  • “Typical interviewer-led case interviews with standard behavior question.”
OC&C Strategy Consultants

250 West 55th Street
15th Floor
New York, NY 10019

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Worldwide Managing Partner: Will Hayllar

Major Office Locations

New York, NY
Boston, MA

Major Departments & Practices

  • Business Unit/Divisional Strategy
  • Group Strategy
  • Organization & Change
  • Product/Market/Channel Strategy
  • Strategy Realization
  • Transaction Support