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About OC&C Strategy Consultants Asia

The name says it all 

If you want to know what OC&C Strategy Consultants does, you don't need to look too far for answers-it's right there in the title. Focusing on strategic analysis, the firm breaks the concept down into six organizational areas: group strategy, business unit/divisional strategy, product/market/channel strategy, transaction support, strategy realization, and organization and change. And, like any strategy master or tactician, the firm's emphasis isn't always on speed - it tries to pace itself during consulting contracts, thoroughly evaluating possible solutions to a problem before jumping into operational issues. That's a strategy, the firm says, that ensures clients benefit from truly custom-built solutions, rather than off-the-shelf methodologies that may not fit the client's needs.

Although OC&C, like many firms in the industry, doesn't publicize its client list, it does claim to work not only with major corporations, but also welcomes contracts from smaller companies that need strategic help in rapidly changing industries, stating that it wants to work with "ambitious organizations that understand the importance of excellent strategy." Its industries include business services, consumer goods, leisure, luxury, media, private equity, retail, technology, and telecommunications.

Expanding the footprint

Chris Outram founded OC&C in London in 1987. After several years at other consulting firms, including BCG and Booz Allen Hamilton, Outram and a colleague had tired of the fact that their employers devoted so much time to operational issues while neglecting strategic analysis. So, they decided it would be "more fun and more challenging" to start their own firm.

While founded in Europe, with its early offices in the UK, Germany, and France, OC&C has successfully expanded its footprint in core strategic markets to serve the largest clients on a global basis.

Today, OC&C operates 14 offices across 10 countries in all corners of the globe:

  • Australia: Melbourne, Sydney
  • Brazil: Belo Horizonte, São Paulo
  • China: Hong Kong, Shanghai
  • France: Paris
  • Germany: Munich
  • Italy: Milan
  • Netherlands: Rotterdam
  • Poland: Warsaw
  • UK: London
  • U.S.: Boston, New York

International growth remains firmly on OC&C's strategic agenda, driving depth and breadth in all markets.

Specialized generalists

One business area in which OC&C takes particular pride is its expertise in consumer goods. Within this area, it provides solutions in three key sections: growth stakes, profitability issues and category management. In connection with consumer goods, retail has also long been an OC&C focus. The firm claims to have been one of the original advocates for the importance of emerging value offers, private label goods and battling category killers. In addition, OC&C has recently implemented multi-channel and internationalization strategies.

The firm has made a significant effort to advise media outlets since its founding. Some of the media-related services it offers are strategy reviews, advice to governments on broadband policy, transformational performance improvement, profitable use of the digital arena, and go-to-market strategies for new services and products. Several major media outlets have looked to the firm for analysis of their own industry, concerning subjects ranging from the future of TV news to the decline of magazine readership in the face of internet competition.

Alongside its work for corporate clients, OC&C has special expertise in supporting the world's leading private equity firms in such areas as potential investment scoping, vendor and buyer due diligence, and post-acquisition strategy and/or integration.

Strategizing a better world

OC&C enjoys highlighting its charitable efforts, and has a section dedicated to pro bono work on its website. The majority of the firm's philanthropic work is in helping charities "achieve a step-change in performance." They have a long-standing relationship with Impetus PEF who focus on young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and have given strategic due diligence and business planning support to over 20 charities.

In the last 12 months the firm has worked with City Gateway (focused on transforming the lives of disadvantaged youths and women through educational opportunities) and TwentyTwenty (who engage with youths through lifeskill trainings to re-engage them back into education or assist them in finding sustainable employment). Previously, the firm led the merger of Impetus with the Private Equity Foundation to create a larger and more powerful force in the venture philanthropy arena. Several charity initiatives are supported pro-bono in each OC&C geographic region every year.

OC&C Strategy Consultants Asia

979 King’s Road
Level 36 PCCW Tower
East Hong Kong
Phone: +44-(0) 20 7010 8000

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Worldwide Managing Partner: James George
2018 Employees (All Locations): 500

Major Office Locations

10 offices worldwide:
London (HQ)
Belo Horizonte
Hong Kong
New York
Sao Paulo

Major Departments & Practices

Business Unit/Divisional Strategy

Group Strategy

Organization & Change

Product/Market/Channel Strategy

Strategy Realization

Transaction Support