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Career Track and Personal Development

Emerton promotes a dynamic work environment, takes care of every consultant’s individual career track and strives to ensure a diversity of experiences. Because consulting is demanding, Emerton offers a pleasant office environment and makes every effort to ensure work-life balance.

Our working methods, team work and senior team experience allow young consultants to quickly build a solid track record. The partnerships we develop with our clients enable us to follow-up on our projects and measure their impact.

Emerton will teach working methods and business relationship skills, but also functional skills thanks to the senior team’s premier know-how in corporate finance, marketing, regulations, innovation and organization.

Emerton will also enable consultants to work on new technologies and participate in tomorrow’s markets. Partners have a good command of innovation, tech industry and digital topics and Emerton conducts numerous projects in these areas.

We enable the most entrepreneurial among us to participate in the international development of a world-class, modern and fast growing consulting firm focused on the future.

Each individual’s personal development is very important to Emerton Partners. Each new recruit benefits from a personalized on-boarding program. A mentor is assigned upon arrival. Consultants are in daily contact with the firms’ senior members; skills acquired on the job are complemented by more formal internal trainings.

What does a career progression look like at Emerton?

Levels are very similar to that of other firms: Associate Consultant, Senior Associate Consultant, Consultant, Senior Consultant, Manager, Principal and finally Partner.

However, each consultant’s track and progress with Emerton can vary according to the development speed of each one. They are promoted as fast as they can demonstrate the command of a more demanding role. Given the possibilities of a secondment in Industry or entrepreneurship, there is no ‘typical’ career track at Emerton.

What is the international exposure of consultants?

The vast majority of our projects have an international component. Partners’ global profiles mean that assignments can take consultants to multiple geographies. They can travel from our hub offices more easily than with other firms who have local offices. Emerton’s fast international expansion is generating additional opportunities.

With offices in London, Munich, Paris and New York, consultants can be assigned to projects on all geographies. International exposure can vary based on consultants’ personal wishes and life stages.