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Vault’s Verdict

EY-Parthenon in 2024 looks much the same as it did in 2023: the strategic consulting arm of one of the world’s largest professional services firms. That’s something that comes with both pluses (the backing and scale of EY), and minuses (the bureaucracy that comes with having to ensure compliance due to the audit arm of the company).

Not that insiders appear too hung up on any of that. Rather, they paint a picture of a fast-moving, challenging environment where individuals have ample opportunities for learning, networking, and professional growth. While there appears to be no shortage of variety and challenge in terms of projects, that does come with the typical industry trade-off of long hours and intense deadlines at times. However, despite these drawbacks, EY-Parthenon is a great choice for those seeking a career with a stable, structured firm that is recognized for the value it places on its people and the culture it fosters among employees.


Employee Reviews

Firm Culture

  • “A firm that allows you to grow professionally and to make long-term relationships.”
  • “Every candidate needs to be aware that consulting obviously means comparably long working hours, but the colleagues and topics we work on here definitely make it worth it.”
  • “It is a category of one. As a strategy boutique, EY-Parthenon is not limited to its own strong international brand and experience; it is backed up by EY and, more particularly, EY Strategy and Transactions. This makes it easier for the company to collaborate with colleagues from other departments such as M&A, transaction diligence or valuation modeling to get bigger projects where different experts of the same firm are working together on the same goal/project.”
  • “Since being at EY I have had a wide range of opportunities to work with a range of clients across a number of sectors. The inclusive culture sets EY-Parthenon apart from its competitors.”
  • “We are smart, nice, driven. We are happy to set an impact, we want to support our clients and not just produce a lot of PowerPoint slides. We have a great team and culture.”

Quality of Life

  • “Best aspects are the flexible work models, which we had for years and the common intention by everyone to keep working hours low.”
  • “Considerable attention given to work-life balance to ensure consultants are engaged in the long term, possibility to work remotely to avoid long commuting.”
  • “Managing client expectations and personal/family time is always challenging, but with good communication and planning we create the space and balance we personally need. Our clients are humans too and they appreciate the open and trusted relationships we aim to create.”   
  • “Very understanding people that provide great work-life balance, supervisors are friendly and approachable.”
  • “Work hours depend on the project and deliverables, however, you can maintain a good work-life balance and the work environment is extremely good and supportive.”

Career Development

  • “Diverse firm for sure, always growing but upper management promotions are restricted.”
  • “EY-Parthenon provides extensive training programs which include learning opportunities for each rank.”
  • “Great options for internal mobility, international mobility can be a little slow, promotion policies are very standardized compared to smaller firms.”
  • “Plenty of opportunities to develop at your own rhythm along different tracks thanks to the firm’s different service lines and prestigious client footprint.”
  • “The firm provides excellent training and mobility opportunities, however, promotion processes could be more attractive.”


  • “Compensation is slightly below competition but due to superior policies regarding working on weekends and public holidays.”
  • “EY-Parthenon provides a high-quality training catalog per stage that focuses on ‘hard’ skills.”
  • “Highly attractive compensation package (top 1% employees in France) both base salary and bonus, profit-sharing plan launched 3 years back.”
  • “Payment packages are attractive and also performance-driven in a fair way. However, additional perks to the salary and regular adaption to competitive dynamics (MBB) could be implemented for higher ranks.”

Community Engagement

  • “A highly diverse workforce and there are great programs, communities, and initiatives which encourage everyone to bring their ‘true self’.”
  • “EY-Parthenon is one of the companies whose promotion of diversity is strongest.”
  • “Specific LGBTQ marketing and recruiting events.”
  • “The firm couldn’t do any more to improve this aspect of diversity and inclusion."
  • “This is where we make the difference with regards to the competition. We are really walking the talk by focusing on promoting diversity.”

Business Outlook

  • “EY-Parthenon is a ‘category of one’ and as such growing faster than competitors.”
  • “High employee morale and high growth in recent years. Leadership is always approachable.”
  • “The failed separation created a negative sentiment and a strong country focus. As we recover from the shock, the firm is repositioning itself to become more integrated, global, and sector-led. Slow but steady progress.”
  • “Things are picking up again after COVID. We are strongly focusing on new technologies.”

Hiring Process

  • “Three-stage interview. HR, one manager then with another manager.”
  • “EY are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are confident and outspoken, asking the right questions.”
  • “Hiring process is very competitive and well-structured including remote and in-person interviews, as well as analytical tests.”
  • “Process is normally a numerical reasoning test, followed by 2-3 case interview rounds and final CV interview with the partner. Candidates are assigned a ‘buddy’ from the company to support them throughout the process and provide feedback between each round (not something I have encountered anywhere else).”
  • “We use the typical strategy consulting cases like ‘growth case’, ‘market entry case’, always with market sizing etc.”

Interview Questions

  • “Can you estimate the size of market x?”
  • “How does your past work experience equip you to be a good strategy consultant? Please share specific situations.”
  • “Please define how you would discuss with a client his growth strategy.”
  • “Why do you want to work in strategy? What makes you consider EY-Parthenon?”
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Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
EY-Parthenon Europe West Leader: Andreas Enders
EY-Parthenon EMEIA Emerging Markets Leader: Luca Martini
UK&I EY-Parthenon Leader: Mike Parr
2022 Employees (All Locations): 1,500

Major Office Locations

400+ offices globally

Major Departments & Practices

  • Financial Services
  • Capital and Debt Advisory
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Consumer Products and Retail
  • Diversified Industrial Products
  • Chemicals
  • Real Estate, Hospitality, and Construction
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power and Utilities
  • Mining and Metals
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Private Equity
  • Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications (TMT)