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Vault’s Verdict

L.E.K. insiders love the mix of intellectually stimulating projects available at their firm, along with a collaborative culture and significant learning opportunities. That culture is also noted for its flexibility, and inclusiveness, while a generally positive work environment is enhanced by colleagues who are willing to pitch in during crunch periods—which are definitely a facet of life at L.E.K. too. 

Add in competitive compensation, opportunities for rapid career progression and an economy that looks to be rounding out of its recent slump, and you have a company that looks like a good place to stop off for a couple of years—or longer. 


Employee Reviews

Firm Culture

  • “A good balance between being part of a global corporation but also the feeling of having a personal experience and not simply being a small cog in a machine.”
  • “Fantastic group of people that makes every day rewarding, challenging, and fun.”
  • “Great experience for anyone keen to explore consulting. Many end up choosing this as their career for life, and for those, L.E.K. is a great firm. Even if you end up in industry later, you learn a great deal in a short span of time at L.E.K.”
  • “Partners are heavily involved in case delivery and remain open and approachable to the team.
    Consulting staff has more responsibilities than other firms at the same position level, empowering people and challenging them to grow rapidly.”
  • “Very positive culture which fosters an open attitude and growth.”

Quality of Life

  • “Best: Freedom to act as an entrepreneur internally, very outcome driven, no face-showing policy, out-by-six policy once a week (mid-week.) Worst: continuous intellectual challenge is sometimes exhausting; short project timelines make it sometimes difficult to plan well ahead and requires some degree of flexibility.”
  • “Long hours with little ability to plan in advance.”
  • “The absolute best thing about L.E.K. is the flexible working policy. Being able to work from home office whenever needed is difficult to understate the value
  • “Working hours are quite long but certain evenings and weekends are safeguarded which I appreciate.”
  • “Work hard culture. Emphasis on reducing hours but there is still an expectation and acknowledgement that hours extend beyond standard hours.”

Career Development

  • “Clear promotion pathway / timeline, however, formal training program is not fully developed to support this.”
  • “L.E.K. offers more opportunities for individual career ownership than any other consulting firm.”
  • “Peers are very approachable and offer support for all types of situations, however sometimes the personal development can be too much in little time.”
  • “Training opportunities are abundant and partners go out of their way to make you feel valued. I do wish the promotion policies were more meritocratic and not so opaque (especially Consultant to Manager).”
  • “Very transparent, meritocratic process for promotion.”


  • “Best aspect: career progression/salary increases every year on average. Worst part: bonuses are not very attractive.”
  • “Compensation packages are always in the top quartile of our direct competitor set in all countries and we monitor this via annual benchmarks sourced from third parties. There is strict equality in compensation. Evaluations happen every 6 months, with compensation progression aligned with individual performance. At Partner level, there is complete transparency on compensation drivers and individual compensation (base, bonus and equity), which is very comfortable.”
  • “Pay is transparent, same base pay for the same role & tenure. Profit share limited by the performance of other business sectors which you have no influence on.
  • “The best part is certainly the profit sharing scheme and matching retirement savings.”
  • “Very stable and consistent career/salary progression, no pay inequality.”

Community Engagement

  • “As a female POC I do not feel like I am at a disadvantage.”
  • “Good hiring of women at junior levels, but rubbish progress at retaining them at senior levels.”
  • “My firm prioritizes inclusivity and actively promotes a diverse work environment.”
  • “Strong female partner representation for the Life Sciences industry.”
  • “The Paris office of L.E.K. is diverse in terms of ethnicity, etc.—especially compared to other consulting firms.”

Business Outlook

  • “Best aspects:
    - The company is extremely innovative with projects on cutting-edge topics
    - Access to high-profile expert networks
    - Access to great databases (e.g. for pricing, epidemiology, etc.)
    Worst aspect:
    - Lack of hindsight on absolute values of company’s economic situation.”
  • “Business has been quite volatile for the past 2 years, for everyone in the strategy consulting industry.”
  • “The firm is pushing to take advantage of AI tools, which is great.”
  • “The firm is seeing strong growth and attracting increasingly prestigious clients.”
  • “The strategy consulting industry has faced headwinds in 2023 but I am confident in our firm’s business outlook because of the group of 200+ Partners sharing the same values of entrepreneurship, collaboration, freedom to excel and hard work. We typically always gain share when market growth softens because of our culture.”

Hiring Process

  • “3 round process, callback the evening of my final interview meaning no agonising wait.”
  • “Case studies or market sizing based on projects which the firm has undertaken, using anonymised real-life scenarios.”
  • “Ideal candidate: Eager to develop and to learn, willing to invest energy and time, highly qualified and professional and social terms with exceptional skills.”
  • “Someone who is sociable, confident and has a level of charm on top of, of course, being capable and competent. Willing to learn and take on challenges and enjoy it as well.”
  • “We review candidates thoroughly and then give them a prompt response.”

Interview Questions

  • “Case studies—market sizing and strategy.”
  • “Market sizing—how many passport applications does the UK passport office receive per year.”
  • “Strategy case studies are business sector specific, usually based on a prior project.”
  • “Technical questions are extracted from real-life projects.”
  • “Why consulting, what do you know about L.E.K?”
L.E.K. Consulting Europe

Nova South
160 Victoria Street
London SW1E 5LB
Phone: 44 (0) 20 7389 7200

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
Co-founder: Iain Evans
Global Managing Partner: Clay Heskett
Europe Region Head: Ben Faircloth
2024 Employees (All Locations): 2,300

Major Office Locations

London, UK (HQ)
Munich, Germany
Paris, France
Wroclaw, Poland
Madrid, Spain

Major Departments & Practices

  • Data & Analytics
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Organisation & Performance
  • Performance Improvement
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Private Equity
  • Strategy
  • Transformation
  • Value Activation
  • Healthcare