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Who We Are

At L.E.K. Consulting, we understand that the pillars of our success are our people. Grounded in our core values, we have cultivated a culture that blends collaboration, camaraderie and ambition. Our goal is to foster an environment in which our global team of L.E.K.ers are energized by the pace and diversity of their work, allowing them to make a distinct impact in a myriad of industries and help solve for a better future.

We value teamwork while also encouraging individuals to delve deeper into their respective areas of expertise. In a Life@LEK blog, Principal Alexa Allen describes the allure of consulting as driven by her passion for evaluating new product areas and leading cross-functional project teams as well as the satisfaction she gets from consensus building. She praises the mentoring model, noting, “It’s what makes our relatively steep learning curve possible … and helps shape how our company evolves in the future.”

Manager Anshul Gupta reflects on his professional journey at L.E.K., where he has found his niche surrounded by incredibly talented associates and benefits from mentorship-driven growth. Gupta says, “There are seemingly endless opportunities at L.E.K. to support the growth of the firm, and I’m excited to be along for the ride.”

In his Life@LEK blog, Christopher Stern adds substance to this sentiment by spotlighting the rapid career progression and the intellectually stimulating nature of L.E.K. Stern says, “L.E.K. offers rapid career growth and promotion timelines that are less common in the consulting industry, and the culture is filled with smart, organized and thoughtful colleagues who know how to approach complex problems.”

It’s not all work at L.E.K. Our officewide social committees plan various events inside and outside the office to foster camaraderie and long-lasting friendships among colleagues and — let’s face it — to take a well-deserved break! Summer Intern Austin Pentergraft says, “People do a wonderful job organizing more-structured social events such as trivia as well as more spontaneous get-togethers, like playing pickup basketball down the street. Both are great opportunities to connect and bond with my colleagues. This aspect of our culture bleeds into the case teams too. My case teams have been incredibly supportive, helpful and fun, which speaks volumes about the firm’s culture.”

A key aspect of our culture is recognizing the value of diversity and promoting a culture where success burgeons irrespective of an individual’s background. We have several affinity groups, such as Mosaic@LEK, Women@LEK, Parents@LEK and Pride@LEK, to support and enrich L.E.K.ers. We also partner with many women-in-business, diversity and affinity clubs and organizations on campuses, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Our commitment to building a strong and purposeful culture extends far beyond our office walls. We actively engage with the communities we serve through concerted volunteer efforts, organizing fundraisers for local charities and undertaking pro bono casework that underscores our deep-rooted social responsibility. Additionally, we prioritize sustainability in our advisory services. For over 20 years, we have helped clients navigate the shift toward a greener economy. To demonstrate our dedication, we have established science-based targets to guide our sustainability strategy and net zero transformation.

To work at L.E.K. is to be at the confluence of opportunity, growth and impact. It is a unique ecosystem that nurtures consulting professionals so they become thought leaders capable of influencing the trajectory of business and innovation globally. Some of the most skilled and accomplished people you will ever meet work at L.E.K. As you contemplate the next move in your career landscape, consider the rich and fulfilling journey that L.E.K. offers — a path where professional aspirations align with an enduring commitment to solving for a better future.