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Vault’s Verdict

A well-regarded boutique headquartered in Canada, The Poirier Group offers rapid career development opportunities, a genuine focus on work-life balance, and work that is both interesting and varied enough to keep most management and strategy consultants happy.

What truly sets the firm apart, however, is its personal approach to building and maintaining relationships—insiders note that The Poirier Group seeks to be (and is) a trusted advisor to clients over years, not the course of a single engagement.

That lack of churn-and-burn also applies to its staffing and promotion policies: this is a firm where consultants can bed in for the long haul, safe in the knowledge that “up-or-out” is not a part of The Poirier Group lexicon. For those seeking a true boutique experience—especially those based in or around the Toronto area—this may be the firm you’ve been looking for.


Employee Reviews

Firm Culture

  • “Compared to many other companies, we do actually have a significant work/life balance that can be attained if you make an effort. Definitely worth a conversation; a great place to grow as a professional (even if you choose other paths for the long term).”
  • “I would say it is nice that we only come in 2x a week and as long as you're ready to learn and have a lot of responsibility, this is the place for you.”
  • “The Poirier Group consultants are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and do the work. We're not satisfied leaving clients with a fancy PowerPoint or a simple roadmap. We want to implement the work we're proposing and see it gain traction.”
  • “You can be all you want to be by getting engaged, building your brand in the team, and implementing solutions.”

Quality of Life

  • “A lot of emphasis on encouraging work/life balance and good quality of life. The lifestyle health benefit contributed this year to enabling more balance.”
  • “I would say that the best can be the culture because the people are very supportive and they respect work-life balance a lot. The worst I would say is I just feel some of the more senior members at the firm are stretched very thin which makes it very hard to complete tasks at time, especially when some of my work is dependent on them.”
  • “We've been very busy, so pure time off has been challenging to book on occasion. The firm is very conscious of work-life balance and regularly checks in with consultants who are highly resourced. Within programs, the leads will make an effort to give time back to consultants who have stretched their hours to make a deliverable on time.”
  • “Quality of life and work/life balance are very high at The Poirier Group. We are in office, on average, two days a week, whether we are traveling to a client site or in The Poirier Group headquarters office. I find the balance to be very reasonable in today’s hybrid work environment. I also feel that this is very flexible in terms of what days are selected.”
  • “The Poirier Group is extremely proud of their culture, and I was hesitant when first being recruited. Since joining, I can attest that the culture is truly what was presented. Everyone works together for the firm's success and is actively involved in ensuring that everyone feels included. With the nature of consulting, TPG does their best to strive for work/life balance without sacrificing quality of work for the client. Travel tends to range from 15-40%.”

Career Development

  • “As a small- to mid-sized firm, there is a lot of latitude within a role. Job titles mean very little (in fact they are non-existent—everyone is a management consultant), as the focus is on delivery of the work. It's not uncommon for a junior to work with senior leaders at the client, or for seniors to work late on a data cleansing project. That said, good work is celebrated and opportunities for training and advancement are there for consultants who show dedication and ask for more.”
  • “Career development takes a central role at The Poirier Group, with discussions on career goals and advancement occurring regularly, both during project engagements and in non-project settings.”
  • “Individuals at The Poirier Group take great care ensuring that each member's professional development goals are recognized and supported. I feel as though my path or journey has been uniquely tailored to me and how I want to grow within the firm. For example, they sponsored my Lean Six Sigma certification this last year because I wanted to learn more about using statistical problem-solving methods.”
  • “Opportunities exist if you are willing to learn and apply yourself to development for what is needed. Clarity of skills and competencies by role is clear. In consulting, part of the development is dependent on getting on great projects (which I have been lucky to have in the last year).”
  • “The Poirier Group is an amazing place for continuously learning with vast opportunities to gain experience in areas of interests. This is well supported by The Poirier Group’s buddy/coach program that aids in achieving personal goals within the firm.”


  • “Best part is the end of year bonus and extra lifestyle spending account. The worst part is that sometimes, due to our collaborative nature, bonuses can be affected because attributing performance to individuals can be tricky.”
  • “Bonus structure is good but base salary is lower than average to accommodate that. Annual salary reviews and raises are expected and in place."
  • “The compensation is generous but heavily bonus-focused, which can make annual financial planning difficult. I've had bonus fluctuations of 50% of my base salary from year to year which is both the best and worst aspect.”

Community Engagement

  • “All our consultants have equal access to interesting/high-quality work and promotion opportunities. While promotion requirements can be better articulated, we are a very diverse firm and there is growth for everyone regardless of backgrounds.”
  • “I don't believe that the firm limits any opportunities to consultants on the basis of anything but ability. We have a diverse workforce and have made inroads to increasing the number of women in senior roles.”
  • “The firm has made a great effort to hire, include, and promote a diverse and integrated set of employees and I am proud to be a part of this team. I do believe all consultants have equal access to both work and opportunities.”
  • “Very diverse firm with visible minorities—would like to see more in top leadership positions but that may come with time/opportunity.”

Business Outlook

  • “Attempts to keep innovative exist and time to absorb all of the information and opportunities to learn is the issue after prioritizing client work.”
  • “Best: We've been growing consistently for the past 7 years, and especially so in the past 3 so are excited to keep up that trend. We've grown the top line but also bottom line so are getting better at what we do in parallel. We're the rear guard of the vanguard on tools like AI and RPA/Machine learning and because of our size, agility and lack of huge infrastructure, we can move rapidly on beta testing and operationalizing these things quickly (which we have done). Our ability to deliver the same quality in a smaller time frame is becoming a reality due to these tools, and hasn't impacted our consulting team negatively so we're very excited about that. It has also helped with more work life balance. Given more of our work now has been in private equity we've also hedged some of our industries so we're not exposed if retail, manufacturing or another industry gets hit hard with interest rates or other economic factors. Overall outlook and perception of outlook by the broader team is quite positive.
    Worst: As our competition loses some market share, they have demonstrated attempted poaching of our team. While we haven't lost anyone to date, it's always on our mind. Those being poached are able to articulate back their experiences so we can learn from it, but that is a challenge in such a competitive industry.”
  • “I feel pretty confident. I think the senior partners are very skilled and they always have positive, forward-thinking mindsets, which I appreciate. As someone more junior, you want to be under people who encourage you and don't make you feel doubts, which they excel in.”
  • “Our firm continues to try and diversify the types of projects we bid on and win. There has been a strong focus this year on increasing our conversion rate from initiation study to implementations as well as extensions for further work with existing clients.” 
  • “There is a lot of room to grow in terms of business development. However, with a new marketing and sales strategy that is enhanced by our growing team, the future of the firm looks bright.”

Hiring Process

  • “I believe that the ideal candidate looks like someone who is passionate about helping out other teams and truly making a valuable difference to a client who needs our expertise. I also believe that they are looking for someone with an outlook and perspective to work that challenges that status quo and ensures the client is always getting the best possible deliverables. Someone who also is able to handle ambiguity well and stay organized, focused, and stable during highly stressful times.”
  • “My interviews were conducted online, and an email was sent out with indication of proceeding to the next round in the interview process. My offer was communicated a through a phone call and follow up discussions over the phone.
    The ideal candidate for this position is someone who is collaborative and willing to learn. In my experience, TPG looks for individuals who are driven to learn and has the social skills to take advantage of the opportunities they are given, just as much as an individual's experience and technical competencies.”
  • “Our firm's interview and callback process are quite seamless. There is consistent communication throughout the entirety of the process and feedback is provided right away.
    I believe The Poirier Group seeks candidates that foster our company values and an attitude for continuous learning, problem solving, and curiosity. We hire diverse backgrounds but typically those of engineering and/or business.”
  • “Strong analytical and interpersonal skills that can immediately be value-add on a project and supporting a team. Ability to develop, if don't already have, deep SME knowledge in one area of consulting or one industry.”
  • “We ensure that we contact each candidate to let them know what the status is. The ideal candidate is one with high intelligence, a strong sense of curiosity and a desire to learn and grow. We avoid individuals with big egos and with little hierarchy and no titles in consulting, it tends to dissuade those individuals from applying. Compatibility with our values of learning, serving, excellence and integrity are a critical aspect of what we look for in individuals. Technical skills are certainly of interest, but we hire individuals from many diverse backgrounds and experiences. We do look for individuals who have had experience in a business or operations so they can better relate to our clients.”

Interview Questions

  • “As an intern, I had a behavioral aspect of my interviews as well as a discussion of my experiences through a variety of open-ended questions and scenario analyses. The full-time employees are tasked with a case study to complete.”
  • “How would you analyze a business process? What is your experience leading and working in teams? What are the most important factors in persuading clients?”
  • “What are your past experiences in the industry? Why did you choose The Poirier Group? What are your career goals?”
The Poirier Group

703 Evans Ave. Suite 401
Toronto, Ontario M9C 5E9
Phone: 905-624-5855

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
CEO: David Poirier
Partner: Jim Dobson

Major Office Locations

Toronto Ontario Canada

Major Departments & Practices

  • Retail & Grocery
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing, Assembly & Operations
  • Private Equity & Financial Services
  • IT & Business Services
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Government & Public Sector
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Operational improvement
  • Strategy development & execution
  • Process optimization and standardization
  • Change management
  • Project management
  • Organizational design and capacity management
  • Performance management
  • Data analysis and modeling
  • Human capital management
  • Warehouse optimization
  • Operational Diligence
  • Customer experience
  • IT strategy and optimization
  • Promotion strategy
  • Category management
  • Financial process optimization
  • Supply chain network design
  • Procurement and sourcing