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Cathy Vandewater

Cathy is an associate producer for A writer, editor, and former serial intern, she earned her BFA in Writing from Pratt Institute.

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Women: For Greater Productivity, Lean Away—From the Mirror

by Cathy Vandewater | February 18, 2014

Are you spending too long--and too much money--getting ready for work? Worse, are your grooming habits actually holding you back in your career?

Better Interview Skills? There's an App for That!

by Cathy Vandewater | December 19, 2013

A new app that recognizes human speech patterns may be the key to improving your interview skills and workplace interactions.

Adjusted Expectations: 5 Women on Big Law, 12 Years Later

by Cathy Vandewater | November 14, 2013

Five women, all embarking on law careers at Debevoise & Plimpton, reflected on "ambition, leadership and success" for the September 9th, 2001 issue of the New York Times.

This Biglaw Memo Sounds Very "Mean Girls"

by Cathy Vandewater | October 31, 2013

Sometimes, the most sexist and oppressive environments for women are created by, well, other women. Though this memo from a women's committee that...

No More Unpaid Internships for Conde Nast

by Cathy Vandewater | October 28, 2013

It's the end of an era: publisher Conde Nast is ending its internship program in 2014, making this batch of (unpaid) interns the last.

Worst Follow-Up Email of All Time?

by Cathy Vandewater | October 16, 2013

Ready to feel great about your professional etiquette? Then read this follow up letter from University of Wisconsin student to a recruiter he met at...

Get Your Interviewer to Like You: 9 Hacks

by Cathy Vandewater | October 15, 2013

You know it's key for your interviewer to like you, but how do you win them over? If you've tried being super friendly only to see if fall flat, or tried being ultra-confident to a chilly reception, you'll know that one approach never fits all.

Employer Strikes Back: When Companies Respond to Public Resignations

by Cathy Vandewater | October 03, 2013

A last act of rebellion for the little guy is a sacred thing. Is it fair for a company, with all of its resources, to publicly hit back?

Change Your Thoughts—Change Your Career?

by Cathy Vandewater | September 24, 2013

Many people consider success a result of outside circumstances—but working with what's right in front of you, it's possible to make a huge difference by adjusting your attitudes, beliefs, and eventually, behaviors.

Why We Should Probably Give Gen Y a Break

by Cathy Vandewater | September 16, 2013

So yet another article/listicle/infographic has come out railing against the collective stupidity and audacity of an entire generation--but is Gen Y fair game?