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With 25 years of law firm recruiting experience at two Vault 100 firms, Kara Reidy provides law students with practical and effective advice on the job search process.  Ms. Reidy's insider's perspective on law firm hiring helps law students understand the law firm mindset.  Her extensive knowledge is a product of assessing the aptitude and potential of tens of thousands of law school candidates throughout her career.  Law students interested in a personalized consultation can reach Kara Reidy at

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A 1L's Guide to Landing a Summer Associateship

by Kara Reidy | December 14, 2015

You are a first-year law student, your exposure to the practice of law has been minimal, you have few, if any, discernable legal skills, and the...

What to Do When You’re Jobless After OCI

by Kara Reidy | September 30, 2015

The law school OCI program is wrapping up. While a number of law students have successfully secured employment for the summer of 2016, a great many...

The Secret to Callback Interview Success

by Kara Reidy | August 12, 2015

You have survived the insanity of the on-campus interview process. Your head is spinning but there is no time to take a breather. Your attention must...

What Every Law Student Should Know about OCI

by Kara Reidy | July 13, 2015

I’m not going to sugar coat it. Securing a summer associate position at a prestigious and economically healthy law firm is not for the faint of...