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by Vault Consulting Editors | March 05, 2024


Fatine Cherradi is a strategy consultant at Advancy. After graduating from ESSEC Business School in Cergy, France, she joined Advancy first as an intern in France before moving to a full-time position in New York. We sat down with her to ask about the sort of work she does and what working at Advancy means for her.


Vault: Can you tell us a bit about the sort of work you do at Advancy?

Fatine Cherradi: Advancy is a strategy consulting firm with two main focuses: a B2B practice focusing on industries like chemicals, industrials, and life sciences, and a B2C practice focusing on industries like retail, tourism, and luxury goods. My focus is more on the B2B side, specifically focusing on life science engagements and working on projects in the pharmaceuticals, biotech, and food industries.

In terms of types of projects, Advancy is a true strategy pure player, meaning we rarely work on cost-cutting or optimization projects. About half of what we do is geared toward external growth, usually M&A deals with leading private equity funds. The other half involves helping our corporate clients accelerate their organic growth through new market entries, product launches, geographic expansion, etc. It's a unique approach that sets Advancy apart, focusing on bringing growth and value to our clients.

Vault: What does a typical workday look like for you?

Fatine: While it may sound stereotypical, the reality in consulting is that there is no “typical” day, as the nature of your day is heavily influenced by the project type, the client, the timeline, etc. However, some key elements remain the same. Mornings often involve interactions with clients; that can either be progress updates, discussions on next steps, or collaborative workshops aimed at designing solutions and strategic plans. Mornings can also be focused on interactions with industry experts to deep dive into specific market trends and dynamics. Usually, the afternoons shift focus to casework, which usually involves a combination of Excel work (building market models, company business plans, etc.) and slide creation to present our key findings and recommendations. Our work is extremely collaborative, so we have continuous check-ins throughout the day with the project team and workstream leaders to ensure alignment, share our findings, and discuss our main challenges and next steps.

Vault: What are some experiences as a college student or young professional that have served you best in your career?

Fatine: Looking back at my college years, two fundamental soft skills—teamwork and adaptability—have served me best in my career. College has played a significant role in preparing me for teamwork through participation in course group projects and active participation in college organizations. This has allowed me to develop core interpersonal and communication skills that we use on a daily basis, both within our project team and when working collaboratively with clients. Additionally, the exposure to different disciplines and to diverse classmates with various perspectives, experiences, and expertises has allowed me to develop true adaptability, which is crucial in the fast-paced consulting environment.

Vault: Can you speak to the importance of diversity, both at Advancy and in the consulting industry at large?

Fatine: Diversity holds a special place in my heart, probably because of my own journey—I was born in America, raised in North Africa, studied in Europe, and now live in New York. The unique aspect of working at Advancy lies in our teams, which are a fantastic mix of individuals from various backgrounds, places, cultures, and ages. Our offices are spread across three continents, offering the opportunity to collaborate with people from all corners of the globe. Our NYC office is a true melting pot, with a blend of people from different geographies (with America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa all represented at any given time), backgrounds, and experiences, each bringing their unique perspectives. Diversity and inclusion aren't just concepts here; they're ingrained in Advancy's culture. Creating an environment where everyone feels genuinely heard and comfortable sharing their ideas is at the core of our values, and we take pride in fostering this inclusive culture.

Vault: What advice would you give a student interested in joining the consulting field?

Fatine: Starting your first job post-grad can be tricky, especially when navigating the consulting field. My advice to anyone considering joining consulting is to spend enough time doing your research. It is essential to find the right fit; consider the industries you are interested in, the type of projects you want, whether you prefer being a generalist or a specialist, etc. And even more importantly, it is key to think about the type of company culture you fit in. Choosing a consulting firm is not just about ticking off checkboxes; it's about connecting with the company's values and its people. I always suggest talking to as many people as possible, understanding their backgrounds and personalities, and thinking about whether you would want to spend your workdays with them. This not only helps in making a well-informed decision but is also very useful during the interview process, as it shows your interest and understanding in the company's dynamics.

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