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Best Alternative Careers with a Law Degree

by Peter Horvath | October 05, 2022

Thankfully, a law degree exposes you to a broad range of information, and helps you develop many skills that are transferable to other careers outside of law.

Alternative Paths For Your Journalism Degree

by Jon Minners | October 25, 2016

For college students majoring in journalism who are worried about the state of the industry today, take some solace knowing there are a number of lucrative job opportunities available that won't require you to work in newspapers, magazines or TV news.

The Ultimate Alternative Career for Lawyers

by Kaitlin Edleman | February 10, 2015

While it may no longer be true that you can do anything with a law a degree , one job that still does appear to be J.D. preferred is President of the...

Don't Want to be a Desk Jockey? Try These 7 Alternative Careers

by JT Ripton | January 22, 2015

Not everyone is suited to life behind a desk. Check out these alternative careers that will get you out into the wide world while earning a paycheck.

Careers in Whistleblowing

by Derek Loosvelt | September 24, 2014

sec whistleblower program awards highest ever award