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Who Can Own Law Firms and Provide Legal Services?

by Peter Horvath | October 19, 2022

Recent developments in several states allow nonlawyers to provide legal services and (at least partially) own law firms.

Best Alternative Careers with a Law Degree

by Peter Horvath | October 05, 2022

Thankfully, a law degree exposes you to a broad range of information, and helps you develop many skills that are transferable to other careers outside of law.

Navigating Law School as a Non-Traditional Student

by Rebecca King-Newman | September 12, 2022

Being a non-traditional law student has its benefits and drawbacks. Here you will learn how to leverage your positives and improve on the negatives.

Legal Career Paths: From BigLaw to Entrepreneur and Founder of Effie’s Paper

by Vault Law Editors | May 10, 2021

Kalyn Johnson Chandler left BigLaw to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. Today, she is the founder and creative force behind Effie's Paper. Read about her path!

Legal Career Paths: From Practicing Securities Litigation to Empowering Student Athletes

by Vault Law Editors | April 20, 2021

Joyce Anderson left BigLaw for a new career as a tennis coach and student athlete advisor. Today, she's the Co-Founder of Honest Game. Read more about her path.

Legal Career Paths: From Lawyer to Baker and International Bagel Consultant

by Vault Law Editors | April 12, 2021

Beth George is a lawyer turned baker and international bagel consultant, as the owner of BYOB Bagels. Read on to learn about her path and advice for success.

Legal Career Paths: From the Legal Industry to the Wine Industry

by Vault Law Editors | March 23, 2021

After law school, Dina Opici launched her career in the wine industry. Read on to follow her path and learn what it takes to succeed in the wine business.

Legal Career Paths: From Lawyer to Sci-Fi Novelist and Hollywood Screenwriter

by Vault Law Editors | March 16, 2021

We spoke with Melinda Snodgrass to learn about her career path as a lawyer turned sci-fi novelist and Hollywood screenwriter. (Trekkies, you'll know Melinda for her work writing episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.)

Legal Career Spotlight: From Private Practice to Dean of Students to Belonging Consulting

by Kaitlin McManus | October 18, 2019

After several years of private practice, this attorney took her passion for mentoring and professional advocacy skills to academia, and later founded a consultancy aimed at belonging and true inclusion. Read more about her career path and her advice on what belonging means in the workplace.

Legal Career Spotlight: Supreme Court Clerk to BigLaw Associate to Academia

by Kaitlin McManus | October 01, 2019

When it comes to legal careers, David Van Zandt has done it all: clerking at the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, practicing in BigLaw, and eventually moving into academia, culminating in his current role as president of The New School. He sat down to chat with Vault about his incredible career path.